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Making the latest brochures and catalogs available to customers on-time is one of the most important tasks that the company has taken upon itself. In addition to the company website, the latest updated and beautifully designed Avon catalog can be viewed from the websites of all active Avon Representatives.

So, why choose the Avon e brochure way? In today’s highly digitized world, there are multiple advantages of e-brochures, especially for contemporary computer-savvy customers like you who want to get information and order on-the-go without delay. Avon is a dynamic company committed to bringing convenience and ease-of-shopping to all its customers.

Advantages of Catalogs

Time-effective – Avon e brochures are time-effective in the sense that all the latest offerings are almost immediately available for you to see online. The traditional paper brochures take time to be printed increasing time lag between the actual date of offerings and when you get to know about it.  Avon e brochures completely eliminate loss of opportunity by ensuring you get to know all latest offers and discounts immediately after the company announces them.

Pictures and images are crystal clear – Avon catalogs leverage the advantage of advanced technologies and high-resolution imaging techniques resulting in spectacular images of products. The high level of clarity of e-brochures ensures you do not miss out on any of the fine-print details as well.

Downloadable – Some people may not be comfortable watching images and products and reading information through a computer device. If you are one of them, then just download and print out the e-brochure. They could then read it like any traditional brochure.

How to Order Avon Online Using Avon Catalogs

Ordering Avon online is like child’s play. Here’s what you do:

  • Visit the website of your favorite Avon eRepresentative and find the brochures section.
  • Simply click on it to view.
  • You can choose to go through the brochure in any of the following ways: page by page by following the page arrow key or you can directly jump to any specific page or section by using the drop-down menu bars.
  • Detailed information about the products, their effectiveness, high-resolution images and the price can be seen. Click on each product for all these details
  • Go through the entire brochure at your leisure.
  • Choose what you want to buy and add the products to your bag and check out

Avon sales and special offers come in many kinds and formats. There are some regular ones including yearly, certain anniversary days and half-yearly discounts and offers that never fail to cheer you up.

Some of these regular great deals include buy-1-get-1-free or 50%-off deals. Some of the offers come up suddenly, sometimes for such a short period, you would miss them if you blink. To make sure you do not miss out on any of the Avon offers, it makes sense to sign up for regular newsletters and updates from your Avon eRepresentative. You can join here:

How To Order From Latest Avon Catalog