How To Become An Avon Rep & Sell Avon

How To Complete The Avon Sign-Up Process:

Before you try to sell Avon products, you must first learn how to join Avon as a representative. It is very easy to complete the Avon Signup process. Here are the basic steps for that:

  • Complete the online application form available on the official Avon website. This application form requires basic information about you including your contact details, a bit of personal information and your sales goals.
  • Your application is processed by the company after which an authorized person will get in touch with you for any further information or clarification.
  • You will finally be put in contact with our team who will be your guide and mentor hand-holding you through the entire process.
  • Sign up fee starting in April 2019 will be just $30 (or less).
  • You can also access sales training material available on the company’s website. These informative and useful training materials teach you how to sell Avon products and deliver outstanding customer service so that clients keep returning to you to buy Avon products.

Visit the company website, complete the Avon signup process and join thousands of successful and empowered Avon reps all over the world. Join the Avon Nation today!

Why Should You Sign Up To Sell Avon?

return to selling AvonWhat Do I Get In My Avon Starter Kit For 2021?

Avon has updated the Sign Up process in 2021. No longer are there 3 different starter kits ranging from $25 to $100 choose from. There is just ONE price to sign up for Avon: Just $30! No extra shipping. No tax!

Here’s an overview of what you receive when you sign up:

  1. You get your own free Avon website (like this one). This is your Virtual Online Store.
  2. Full Digital Support
  3. Training with Avon U & our Team Leader
  4. Marketing Tools
  5. Samples of some of our top selling products in your Starter Kit

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Avon?

Avon is excited to announce the following new sign-up options:

  • A contribution of as little as $5 to our partner the American Cancer Society and join us in supporting causes with women at the heart.
  • Or you can choose one of our new $30 starter collections packed with best-selling products and brochures as follows:
  1. belif in Your Truth Starter Collection – $112 value
  2. Best Sellers Starter Collection – $121 value
  3. Daylight to Date Night Starter Collection – $137 value

Watch The Video Below To See What Type
of Products Are In An Avon Starter Kit For 2021:

After watching the video, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Shipping information: Avon allows up to five business days for new Representative sets to reach the Representative (longer outside the continental U.S.)

How Much Do Avon Reps Make? How Much of a Discount Do Avon Reps Get?


How Do I Sell Avon Products? Will I Receive Training?

Selling Avon products is profitable for two reasons. First, the products are of the highest quality and designed to meet the most stringent Avon standards for quality and consistency. Avon products are all backed by multiple scientific research and user recommendations ensuring only the safest and the most popular products are brought to the market so your customers will love Avon products.

Second, you will get plenty of training through Avon U and your Avon Team on how to sell and deliver outstanding customer service ensuring repeat orders. You will get mentoring advice from your sales leader as well as excellently-designed sales training sessions through videos and materials on the company website (Avon U) which you can access for free.

Representatives who completed our AVON U Onboarding, Shortcut to Success training, speak for themselves! These Representatives had over 3X the number of sales in their online stores than new Representatives who did not complete the Shortcut to Success program.

Avon U covers such topics as:

Shortcut To Success Video Series
Social Selling
How To Contact Your Leads
Intro to Espira (new health & wellness line)
Selling On YouTube
Building An Online Business in 6 Simple Steps
Staying Motivated
And Much More

You will also receive regular weekly and monthly team training. Watch a sample of one of our Training Videos below:


When you become a registered Avon representative, you will get your own personal website, a digital storefront, through which you can sell products to your friends, family, neighbors and newcomers as well. The more you sell, the higher your commission earnings percentage.

After some exposure and experience as an independent Avon representative, you can start recruiting other people to be part of your team. You can guide and mentor them into the Avon family and earn income from their sales too.

If you have ever thought about earning extra money working from home or just getting your own products at a 25% discount, then certainly join Avon and start today.

Earnings percentages are no longer based on how much you sell per campaign. It is now just a flat percentage based on your level. Levels are based on the PREVIOUS year’s total sales. New reps start at the Contender level as they have no previous sales total, which means you will earn 25% on all beauty products no matter the total sales per campaign.

Here’s a breakdown on what you could earn when you sell Avon: 

*Note: Minimum $40.00+ does not mean each sale must be at least $40 to earn a commission. It means once you reach $40 worth of sales for the campaign you will earn 25%. That simply means your total cumulative sales per campaign must be $40.00 and above.

Get Paid With Direct Deposit:

Avon offers direct deposit directly to your choice of bank account. Avon has also introduced Rapid Pay. With Rapid Pay, as long as your account has no balance, Avon will deposit your online sales directly to your bank account 2 days after their processed! This means you no longer have to wait to get paid every 2 weeks. Otherwise, you can choose to receive paper checks mailed every 2 weeks.

Ready to join? CLICK HERE

Want To Sell Online? Here Are Some Tips On How To Build Your Online Customer Base:

The more customers you have, the more your sales will increase, and the more commission, incentives, and bonuses you will earn. Therefore, building your online customer base is the most effective way to sell Avon products and increase earnings. Here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure your Avon website is customized to reflect your personality. A domain name (or URL) that is easy to remember will ensure your potential customers can quickly recall it when they need to shop.
  • Your Avon website should have an attractive and engaging profile to catch and retain visitors’ attention. It is imperative that a website is easily navigable so that your clients can quickly find what they need. Nothing is more frustrating for an online shopper than a poorly designed website that is complex and difficult to navigate through. Avon has taken care of all of that for you!
  • Your starter kits might cost you a little bit of money but remember that is an important investment to grow your business. Having sufficient samples and brochures for your potential customers when they ask for it reflects your commitment to serving them which will build their trust in you and your customer service capabilities.
  • And finally, don’t hesitate to spread the word around that you are an Avon representative now. Use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media handles and profiles to let everyone in your contact know that you are in the game too.
  • Check out the sample training video above for more insight into how a new person with no selling experience can do this business! Then make your decision…

The Avon Company leaves no stone unturned to keep up with technological advances so that you as an Avon rep can leverage the power of technology to attract and retain more customers resulting in a potential increase of earnings for you.

Used To Be A Rep & Would Like To Return To Selling Avon?

If you used to be a rep, learn how to return to selling Avon. Accounts for inactive representatives are closed after you do not submit an order after one year through the the website at YourAvon.com. If you are unsure of your last order date, you call Avon at 866-513-2866 and they will look up your account to see if it’s still active. If it has been longer than 1 year since you have been active, you can join our team under using the link below.

So, what are you waiting for? JOIN US HERE

(You will be joining under team member Carrie Woodfaulk & team leader Jessica Zumbusch.)