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Tried everything for your splitting and cracking nails? Nothing seems to be working.

Some of us even bite and pick our nails making the problem even worse. Most of us go the route of trying polish after polish to strengthen our nails and prevent, sometimes painful, breaks and cracks.

Well, generally there are 2 types of nail products sold for this purpose:

  1. Hardeners
  2. Hydrators

You’ve probably tried of a series of either or both of these types of products. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each and discover why ultimately they are not enough and usually don’t accomplish the purpose we got them for:

Types of Hardeners:

First, there are 2 types of hardeners: reinforcing and cross-linking.

Reinforcing hardeners work by adding a layer that sits on top of the nail to reinforce their structure. Ingredients often include nylon and sulfhydryl. These products do as they are designed as your nails will feel harder and be less likely to split or break. HOWEVER, when they do break, because they are no longer flexible, it is usually down low on the side of the nail creating a painful break, especially if you need to cut the nail. Trying to glue the nail usually doesn’t work (but I have had reports that the only thing that works is Gorilla Glue).

Reinforcers also wear off and need to be reapplied regularly to be effective. Also, over time using these products will cause the nails to become more brittle over time.

Cross-linking hardeners works by reacting with the protein in your nails. They create chemical bonds that tie the protein chains together to make the nails harder. These products use ingredients like formaldehyde and calcium.

For example, when nails are weak, the protein is like a ladder with broken rungs. The ladder is loose and not sturdy. You can make the ladder stronger by adding extra rungs to connect the two sides, which is pretty much how these products work with your nails.

The most popular brands for hardeners are OPI, Sally Hansen, Nail Tek and a few more. Recommendation: OPI Start To Finish Base Coat, Top Coat & Strengthener Formaldehyde-Free.

What About Hydrators?

As for hydrators, this category of nail strengthening polishes, work by moisturizing the nail to keep it flexible so that it bends rather than breaks. These are thicker, more a lotion, as well. Ingredients include mineral oil, glycerin, petrolatum and beeswax. These ingredients are something you would find in a heavy-duty moisturizer, for example.

Yes, moisturizing your nails make them more flexible, which means they bend easier and are less likely to break. This has to be used on an ongoing, regular basis for maximum effect, often taking a minimum of 2 weeks to notice a difference. As with any moisturizing product, they need to be reapplied because they wear off over time and wash away.

These are great if your nails are dry and peel easily. Peeling usually is a sign of lack of moisture rather than a lack of strength. Remember, multiple applications are required to be effective and you must be patient to see results.

Recommendation in this category: CND Essentials Solar Oil Nail Cuticle Conditioner.

Those Aren’t Enough!

Now we get to the point where you think, “I’ve tried all of that. My nails still break.” If you’re like me, you’ve read all the review on Amazon and tried the top products only to find that 3 of your nails are now below the quick even though you followed the directions to the letter.

Well I’m here to tell you I’ve been in your shoes but there is still hope!

What I’ve discovered is that dealing with any body issue (or sickness) healing is internal AND external.

It is not enough to just put on a nail polish. You also have to strengthen the nail from the INSIDE OUT if you want, long, healthy, beautiful nails. Most often people will simply suggest biotin, which is great, but usually not enough.

There are other vitamins and herbs that work synergystically with each other making them more powerful together than if they were just taken alone.

The one that worked best for me was Avon Espira.

When Avon decided to introduce health and wellness to their line of products I smirked and was cynical. I decided I would wait until others tried it first. So, one of my fellow reps in our Facebook Group did a video showing how her thin hair and nails had thickened, even stating she is actually getting compliments which she has never had before. So then I was intrigued and you know what? THIS STUFF WORKS!

Avon Espira Beauty Inside & Out System – Avon Catalog Online

espira avon brochure online

Avon has discovered that true beauty starts on the inside.

Their Espira Beauty Inside & Out System features an AM and PM product. When AM Protect and PM Restore are used together, ingredients enhance overall appearance of hair, skin and nails. The PM contains a powdered collagen peptide to improve hair, skin and nails. Protect during the night and restore at the cellular level while you sleep.

Set includes
• 1 AM Protect
• 1 PM Restore
Both for $54

AM Protect
Antioxidants and nutritional building blocks that are clinically studied to help protect skin from UV exposure while helping build healthy hair, skin and nails.
• Gluten-free
• 60 tablets
• Vegetarian
• Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives

PM Restore
Helps repair, restore and rebuild. An antioxidant and Bioactive Collagen Peptides® stimulate your body’s natural mechanism for building new collagen for younger, firmer, healthier-looking skin.
• Single-serving powdered-mix packets in refreshing flavor Pink Citrus
• Gluten-free
• 30 packets
• Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives

To Use Take:

Espira AM Protect: Take 2 tablets, daily in the morning.

Espira PM Restore: Add contents of one packet to 6–8 oz. of water before bedtime.

Don’t just take my word for it. You can check out the reviews on the Avon website: click here
These can also be purchased separately but you save $6 when you buy them together.

If you’ve tried everything else, then it won’t hurt to give this a try. Getting the right nourishment for your body properly means the stronger your nails will be and the better they will look. Try it for 30 days. You’ll be surprised!

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Splitting & Cracking Nails – Try Avon Espira – Avon Catalog Online