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Catalog Avon is the perfect way to get to know the latest Avon product & cosmetic offerings and discounts. Online catalogs are regularly updated with everything you need to know about ordering Avon cosmetics online and more.

Catalog Avon contains detailed and well-categorized information about the following Avon cosmetics:

Avon Makeup – The Avon catalog under makeup includes sub-categories such as eyes, lips, face, nails, and tools & brushes. You can also shop for Avon cosmetics online by looking under the Brand category. Other features under the Makeup section include:

  • What’s New – the latest makeup products are listed here
  • Top Rated – products rated high by customers are here
  • Gift & Value Sets – combo and gift offers are here
  • Sales and Specials – sales and other special offers are here

Skin care – The catalog Avon under skin care include moisturizers, cleansers & toners, scrubs & masks, treatments, eye care, regimen sets, and travel sizes. Another interesting category under skin care is called ‘concerns’ where products targeted for specific issues can be viewed and purchased.

These skin care concerns include acne & blemishes, brightening, anti-wrinkle, enlarged pores, hydration, lifting and firming, sensitive skin, and uneven skin tone. Under the Avon Skin Care online catalog, you can shop by Top-Rated, by specific brands including Anew, Clearavon cosmeticsskin, Nutraeffects, Solutions, Sales and Specials.

Bath & Body – The Avon online catalog for Bath & Body include products for bath & shower, body, foot care, hair care, sun care, insect repellant, men’s grooming, travel sizes, and kids items. The range of bath & body products from Avon include bath oil, bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, body spray, hair removal, deodorant and hand creams.


The exclusive Avon brands for bath & body products include the following: Bug Guard, Skin So Soft, Moisture Therapy, Senses, and Foot Works. Products are also categorized under What’s New, Top Rated, Gift & Value Sets, as well as Sales & Specials.

Fragrance ­– The products under the Fragrance category of catalog Avon include perfume, shower gels, body sprays, body lotion, deodorant, candles, and products for men. The exclusive Avon brands of fragrance products are Haiku, Imari, Far Away, and Rare; all of which have the Avon stamp of reliability and quality.

A highly effective way of shopping for perfumes and your favorite fragrances from the Avon online catalog is to choose products based on their tones. You can click on any of the following tones to find products: Fresh, Floral, Fruity & Sweet, Warm & Spicy, Woody & Earthy, Men’s Warm & Spicy and Men’s Woody & Earthy. This way you get your favorite smell even if you don’t know much about brands and perfumes.

The convenience of shopping for Avon cosmetics and products online cannot be underestimated. Sitting in the comforts of your home, and at a time that is most convenient to you, flip through the range of cosmetics of catalog Avon, aka the Avon e brochure, and make your purchases without the annoying presence of salespeople telling you what to and what not to buy.

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