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Farm Rx by Avon
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With the rise in demand for more vegan skin care products & options, Avon has created a brand new line of “clean skincare.” It’s called Farm Rx. There are 2 collections consisting of 4 products including a vegan moisturizer and vegan eye cream. For more details on the vegan face moisturizer see below.

Vegan Moisturizer

In short, Farm Rx is a brand new vegan skin care collection featuring an innovative Slow Herb Complex, which is a mixing and blending of botanicals harvested at just the right time to be healthiest for your skin.

What’s In It…

vegan face moisturizer

  1. The clean vegan moisturizer formula in Farm Rx includes 85% natural ingredients. You may be wondering what constitutes the other 15%? These are safe synthetic ingredients required to prolong the shelf life of your products. This is necessary because if a product was 100% natural, it may last for about a week or two. So these are very important and Avon has gone through the utmost care to make sure that every single product and ingredient in this formulation is absolutely not only natural but also SAFE.
  2. Next we’d like to highlight that the product is presented in sustainable packaging. Note that everything is recyclable.
  3. Everything in this collection is safe and suitable for sensitive skin.

What’s Not In It…

  • Farm Rx is free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic dyes and fragrances and is not tested on animals. We cannot list every single ingredient that is NOT in the formulation because there are over 2000 ingredients that are on our strict blacklist banning list.

The Super Greens Collection

This vegan skin care product line consists of 2 products:

  1. Super Greens Cooling Gel: Cool hydration great even for oily skin. This 86% natural lightweight vegan face moisturizer is designed to help soothe & cool skin. Apply it after serum at night to create an overnight hydration mask.
  2. Super Greens Multivitamin Moisture Cream: This 98% natural cream locks in essential nourishing moisture.

These moisturizers are packed with super nutrients to keep skin looking softer, brighter & healthier. Ingredients include:

  • Broccoli Sprouts – Rich in vitamins A, B & C. Known to help calm and reduce redness.
  • Moringa Oil – With omega fatty acids to help protect skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Green Tea – With polyphenols, powerful antioxidants to help soothe & protect skin.
  • Brussels Sprouts – High in vitamins and antioxidants. Known to help repair damaged skin.

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