The skincare routine and products best for you depend largely on your skin type. So before starting our Skin Care Quiz, you must determine your skin type. Identifying your skin type is not very difficult though you must invest a bit of time and energy towards this worthwhile endeavor.

Step 1: Determine Your Skin Type – Take A Skin Type Quiz

To begin the process of outstanding skin care, complete the simple Skin Type Quiz below. Generally speaking:

  • If your skin feels tight, your skin is likely to be dry.
  • If there is a noticeable shine in your T-Zone (nose and forehead), your skin is most likely to be normal or a combination type. The T-zone is defined as the strip across the forehead and the line down the nose.
  • If your cheeks as well as your forehead and nose are shiny and greasy, you are likely to have an oily skin type.

Below are a series of questions regarding characteristics of each type of skin. Use the questionnaire below to help you discern your skin type as accurately as possible.

Characteristics of Oily Skin

If your answer is yes to most of the following questions, then it is very likely that you have oily skin:

  1. Is your skin shiny?
  2. Does it look greasier and shinier as the day progresses?
  3. Is it difficult for makeup to adhere nicely to your skin? Does your made-up face look like as if the make-up elements are sliding off?
  4. Do you have a lot of acne, pimples or blackheads, especially on the oily parts of your face?
  5. Are the pores on your face are so big that they are clearly visible, especially on the nose, forehead and chin?

Characteristics of Combination Skin

First, what is combination skin? If your face is dry in some areas and oily or normal in some areas, then you have a combination skin. If your answer is yes to most of the questions below, then it is likely that you have combination skin:

  1. After using a mild cleanser, do you notice oily spots at certain areas on your face?
  2. After applying a moisturizer, does it feel that your cheeks are getting the required moisture while the T-Zone feels greasy and oily?
  3. Are the pores in your nose more dilated and prominent than those in the other parts of your face?
  4. Do you see dryness and blackheads simultaneously on your face?
  5. On hot days, does your T-Zone shine more than the rest of your face?
  6. Also, do you have recurring dandruff problems? While this is not a rule for combination skin, it has been observed that people with this dermatological problem tend to have dry areas on some parts of their faces resulting in a combination type.

Characteristics of Dry Skin

If your answer is yes to most of the following questions, then it is quite likely that you have dry skin:

  1. Does your skin feel or look tight?
  2. Does your skin feel flaky and dull?
  3. Are your pores almost invisible?
  4. After you wash your face, does your skin literally beg for some moisture?
  5. Are there a lot of lines and wrinkles on your face?
  6. Does your face show signs of fissuring and cracking?

After careful thought and study of your skin, using the above quiz questions, you will be able to determine your skin type pretty quickly. Now you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Take The Skin Care Routine Quiz

Now that you know your skin type, the next step is a Skin Care Quiz. For a more detailed analysis and recommendation for your personalized skin care regimen, click here to take our Skin Care Routine Quiz: Just answer a few easy questions in the Skin Care Finder and discover a daily skin care routine best for YOUR skin.

Why is it important to take a skin care routine quiz? By taking this quiz, you will understand the right kind of skin care regimen that you should follow to keep your skin healthy, supple, and youthful-looking. Here are some extremely vital reasons to take the skin care routine test seriously:

  • It gives you a detailed insight into your relationship with your skin.
  • It unlocks unknown, critical details that help you enhance your daily skin care routine.
  • It helps to develop your skin care knowledge. Often, we think we know everything there is to know, and yet, we are flummoxed when questions are asked and we feel uncertain. Taking the quiz facilitates understanding your knowledge objectively which, in turn, helps to build your confidence about how to take care of your skin.

So, don’t hesitate to take the skin care routine quiz and progress towards a significantly improved skin care daily regimen.

Importance of Personalizing Your Skin Care Regimen

While general skin care rules and recommendations could give you reasonable results, they can never deliver perfectly healthy skin. Why? Because no matter what your skin type is, your skin is unique and requires to be handled quite differently even from someone else’s who might share your skin type. One-fits-one solutions are far better than one-fits-all solutions in skin care routines.

Here are some amazing benefits of recommended personalized skin care routines:

  • Personalized skin care routines focus on your unique lifestyle to treat skin problems effectively and easily.
  • You get to leverage the benefits of using skin care products that are specifically targeted to your needs alone.
  • Personalized skin care recommendations prevent or minimize skin sensitivities and irritations. In fact, even the formulations used can be customized to be aligned perfectly with your preferences.
  • Personalized skin care recommendations help you cut costs as you will not have to try different products to find which suits you best. Also, you can focus your money resources on a few excellent products that work perfectly for your skin instead of investing in multiple items to get the best look.
  • And finally, personalized skin care makes the process of finding the right product for you easy as you will be helped by trained, qualified, and experienced skin care professionals. It is definitely worth your while to get personalized skin care recommendations that are aligned with your unique and special needs.

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