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The Avon Company has grown by leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings in the 1880’s. Thanks to millions of Avon representatives spread across the globe, Avon products have reached remote corners of the world. Want more info about joining the Avon Nation? Learn why you should sell Avon.

Why Should You Sign Up To Sell Avon? What Are The Benefits?

There are multiple benefits when you sell Avon including:

  • You can create some excellent extra income earning a percentage of the sales you generate from selling Avon products.
  • You become the contact point for everyone in your social circle to get access to research-based, quality-tested and outstanding beauty, personal care, home, health & wellness as well as other best-selling Avon products.
  • You can empower other women among your friends and family by recruiting them as Avon representatives. You get incentives for recruiting new Avon reps. Most importantly, when you become an Avon rep, you have growth options. You can start off as an individual Avon rep, go on to recruit promising Avon reps and become a sales leader.
  • You get opportunities to win amazing sales prizes and bonuses in the form of vacations to dream destinations.
  • You get access to excellent education through various training sessions that help you increase your sales skills.
  • And finally, if you have ever thought of making money from the comfort of your home, or even buying excellent products up to at a whopping 40% discount, then it makes great sense to become an Avon rep as you also get your own FREE online store where you can sell even to those who are not in your immediate area!

I Used To Be An Avon Rep. How Do I Return To Selling Avon?

Accounts for inactive representatives are closed after you do not submit an order after 1 year through the the website at If it has been longer than 1 year since you have been active, you can join our team under using the links below. If you are unsure of your last order date, you call Avon at 866-513-2866 and they will look up your account to see if it’s still active.

What’s In The Avon Starter Kits For 2021?

Avon has re-vamped the Sign Up Process. In the past, sign up kits ranged from $25 up to $100. Now, there are no longer 3 sign up kits for 3 different prices. There is only ONE sign up price of just $30. There is no additional shipping or tax! You also receive a free Avon website (like this one). This is your own Digital Storefront.

Here’s an overview of what you receive when you sign up to sell Avon:

  1. Your own Avon digital eStore (website for selling online)
  2. Full Digital Support
  3. Avon Top Selling Products of up to $137 value


Avon is excited to announce the following new sign-up options:

  • A contribution of as little as $5 to our partner the American Cancer Society and join us in supporting causes with women at the heart.
  • Or you can choose one of our new $30 starter collections packed with best-selling products and brochures as follows:
  1. belif in Your Truth Starter Collection – $112 value
  2. Best Sellers Starter Collection – $121 value
  3. Daylight to Date Night Starter Collection – $137 value



Watch The Video Below To See
What’s In the Avon Starter Kits For 2021:

After watching the video, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Some products may be substituted or changed based on inventory. Use them or sell them, it’s up to you.

In addition, you get Full Digital Support. This includes:

  • FREE Online Store for 24/7 Sales
  • FREE Marketing Tools
  • FREE Social Media posts to share all the latest
  • FULL Access to exclusive Rep website to help manage your business
  • FREE On Demand Training & Tutorials through Avon U to boost your beauty biz


What Is The Earning Potential Of An Avon Rep?

The earning potential when you become an Avon rep is phenomenal and the best part is that the company is very generous in its commission plan. Earnings percentages are no longer based on how much you sell per campaign. It is now just a flat percentage based on your level. Levels are based on the PREVIOUS year’s total sales. New reps start at the Contender level as they have no previous sales total, which means you will earn 25% on all beauty products no matter the total sales per campaign.

The Earnings Chart below shows the breakdown of earnings percentages:

*Note: Minimum $40.00+ does not mean each sale must be at least $40 to earn a commission. It means once you reach $40 worth of sales for the campaign you will earn 25%. That simply means your total cumulative sales per campaign must be $40.00 and above.

In addition, there are other incentives in the form of performance bonuses (for consistent sales) and recruiting bonuses (for newcomers who quickly make the required sales within the prescribed time limit within the date of joining). If you are willing to commit yourself and work hard, you can potentially combine all the earnings and earn up to $1000 within 3 months of being registered as Avon rep!

Also, as you recruit new people and become a sales leader, you can earn up over $100,000! Yes! Many Avon reps belong to this category and you can do to.

How Do I Get Paid?

The Avon Company makes all payments due to you directly to your choice of bank account. Now Avon offers Rapid Pay. With the Rapid Pay program, as long as you don’t owe a balance, Avon will deposit your online sales directly to your bank account 2 days after their processed! This means you no longer have to wait to get paid every 2 weeks. You can also choose to receive a paper check payable every 2 weeks.

Will I Receive Sales Training?

Yes, of course! Avon provides training as well as our team. Avon’s training program is called Avon U to which you will gain free access.

After Orientation, you will learn things like:

Social Selling Simplified
Building An Online Business in 6 Simple Steps
Shortcut To Success Video Series
Introduction to Espira (our new health & wellness line)

Leads Contact Strategy
Fundraising Specialist
Selling On YouTube
BOSS Life Selling System
Staying Motivated
And More

Representatives who completed our AVON U Onboarding, Shortcut to Success training, speak for themselves! These Representatives had over 3X the number of sales in their online stores than new Representatives who did not complete the Shortcut to Success program.

You will also receive regular weekly and monthly mentoring and team training. Watch a sample training video from our Team Leader below:

Want To Sell Avon Online? Here Are Some Tips:

In the Internet-driven, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. As an Avon rep, you can sell all the company’s products through a website that is allocated to you. Your customers can make their purchases from this website and get their products delivered to their doorstep. Here are some tips to help build your online customer base for Avon:

  • First, customize the Avon website allocated to you so that it reflects your personality. Choose a website name that is easy to remember.
  • Then, set up the website to look attractive and engaging. Ensure it is easily navigable so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Use your social media platforms to tell your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone about Avon products and link them to your website.
  • Send e-mail brochures to your contacts letting them know about your new Avon business venture.

Ready To Start Selling Avon? Here’s How To Join:

Becoming an Avon rep is one of the easiest things to do. The application form is available on my website here: Join Avon. It asks for some basic information about yourself and your sales goals. Your application form is processed by the company after which you will be put in touch with our team who will be your guide and mentors.

After your application is registered, you will pay the Sign Up fee of $30 and choose from one of the 3 options mentioned above, which contains all the essential elements needed for you to start selling Avon products immediately. Ready to kick-start your Avon sales career?

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join our team today!

(You will be joining under team member Carrie Woodfaulk & team leader Jessica Zumbusch.)