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Avon History

Avon Products, Inc, popularly referred to as simply Avon, is an American multinational company headquartered in New York. Avon manufactures personal care, beauty and household products. In an attempt to take its products directly to customers without interference from retailers, Avon uses the direct selling marketing technique and has become a household name all around the globe.

Avon has a 125-year old history of making and marketing beauty, personal care and home care products. It has continued through good and bad times including economic booms and disasters, world wars and depressions. What has kept the Avon Representatives united and strong is their ability to build and sustain personal relationships with their clients backed by delivery of excellent and research-based products from the company.

Avon and Women

Back when it started in 1886, Avon was a pioneer of feminism. During those times, when very few opportunities existed for a woman in terms of a profession outside of her home, Avon offered a platform to run her own independent business. This revolutionary idea attracted women from all over and helped Avon sustain its business despite the ups and downs experienced around the world.

Avon is passionate about providing the best quality products for you and your home; it also takes up social causes such as helping women battle breast cancer, raising its voice against domestic violence and participating in the financial independence of women with as much fervor as the passion it puts into its products.

Avon delivers more than what meets the eye. The brand which has established and carved a worldwide niche for its products and services prides itself on the creation of a strong and committed army of powerful ladies who use and, incidentally, also sell their products via the Avon catalog online. Avon believes it is a company for and for those men who treasure and value femininity.

Avon Products and Categories

All the products available via the online e-store (Avon Brochure) are accompanied by illustrative images making the shopper’s task easy and convenient. Some of the categories under which Avon markets its products includes:

New & Now: This category lists the currently trending items, including new releases. The products that are listed here are great gifting ideas as they reflect the latest trends and hence are a huge attraction for all women.

Makeup: Cataloged and indexed neatly, and in an easily identifiable manner, the inventory under this category includes lipsticks, complete makeup kits, makeup products for eyes, nail and face as well as accessories, such as brushes and tools. This directory offers descriptive images, which you could use to choose the appropriate products.

Skin Care: The range of skin care products includes daily use creams and lotions, anti-aging creams, wrinkle and fine line fighting products, toners, bleaches, moisturizers and much more. All skin care products of Avon are well-researched and intensely studied at the Avon Skincare Institute where ’science meets beauty.’ All the products are marketed only after undergoing stringent tests.

Bath & Body: This popular category includes a range of products such as Bath & Shower, Body, Body Powder, Hair Care, Foot Care, Sun Care and Insect Repellents.

Fragrance: This product range includes perfumes, body lotions, shower gels, body sprays, powders and deodorants. This category also features products for men.

Jewelry: The Avon jewelry range offers a variety of jewels and accessories to choose from including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins, rings, watches and fine jewelry items. This category also features a range of jewelry pieces for men.

Why Are Avon Products So Popular?

Avon is one of the largest global companies selling beauty, personal care and home care products. Why is Avon so beloved? Is it only a marketing gimmick or is there more to its popularity? Listed below are a few reasons for the immense popularity enjoyed by Avon and its products:

Variety and Diversity: Although Avon has gained a reputation for being a skin care company, it offers a wide range of products under other genres as well, including but not limited to fragrance, makeup, hair care, personal care and home care. It started as a perfume company and has since expanded and diversified into multiple categories. This one-stop-shop arrangement is an extremely attractive and convenient option for shoppers via the Avon Online Brochure.

Also, many of the product categories have their own unique brand name under the Avon umbrella giving them an exclusivity that is tough to resist. An example of this marketing technique is the inclusion of skin care brands such as Clearskin and ANEW under the Avon awning. This differentiation is a useful marketing technique that helps in attracting new clients and retaining existing customers.

Use of excellent ingredients: Despite the wide range of products that Avon and its sub-brands manufacture and market, the quality of ingredients remain uncompromising. Moreover, well-researched products bring to customers well-researched ingredients such as glycolic and salicylic acids in its lotions, which are extremely effective on the skin.

Additionally, Avon combines ingredients to achieve enhanced potency and optimum results. For example, in addition to benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, the Avon face wash also contains glycerin for increased moisturizing effect, capric triglyceride for skin hydration, and grape fruit extract which is rich in anti-oxidants for managing skin damage.

Costing: While the costs of Avon products are widely varied owing to the large product range available, it is normally regarded as a more economical option by most buyers. Moreover, Avon has a regular marketing schedule wherein it lowers the pricing of certain selected products to make it more attractive for customers.

Customer Reviews: All Avon products have customer reviews that are updated on its Avon online catalog website reflecting the honesty and integrity of the workings of the company. Reading and analyzing these reviews helps customers make appropriate and well-informed choices before purchasing any Avon product.

No serious side effects from Avon products: The company’s products have gained a reputation of having little or no adverse side effects after usage because of Avon’s uncompromising stand of Avon to strictly adhere to regulatory guidelines before release of any new product, as well as using quality ingredients. However, it is important to remember that depending on skin type or due to some individual allergies, some products could result in redness and/or breakouts and hence as a standard procedure, conducting a patch test before extensive usage is a prudent option.

When you shop Avon online, you’re getting the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home combined with the ease of having products shipped directly to your door. Of course, you don’t get the personal face-to-face touch of dealing directly with a representative but there are many benefits to shopping the Avon online brochure, including coupons, free delivery and special “online only” sales.

When you use the Avon catalog online, you get the added benefit of direct delivery – which is often free with a minimum order. The Avon online brochure is the easiest way to access and order your favorite products. was created as your Avon shopping portal. We are YOUR ONLINE AVON REPRESENTATIVE. We post the latest sales, new products, reviews, coupons, discounts and free shipping offers to keep you abreast of What’s New at Avon. Check back regularly to check our newest posts, listed at the bottom of the website. Make sure to join our Free Newsletter to get special, exclusive, online-only deals sent directly to your inbox.

Avon prides itself on creating effective and useful beauty product with quality ingredients and reasonable prices. We are here to help continue that legacy.


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