Mission Luxereve –

A New High End Luxury Skincare Brand by Avon

Mission Luxereve Cream & Serum by Avon firms and smooths. These two products are created not only to visibly firm but boost your skin’s elasticity & deliver the most youthful-looking skin. 

The Science Behind Mission Luxereve:

Mission Luxereve is a fermented skincare J beauty line introduced by Avon in Campaign 11, May 2020. When you think fermented, think of things that take longer to cultivate. It is the same with Mission and its complex of 86 fermented ingredients coming together to create what we call Cytofirm.

K Beauty VS J Beauty: Korean Beauty is all about upbeat, trendy meets innovation. With K beauty think colorful and “what’s happening now.” Japanese beauty is very much focused on prevention whereas most skincare is based on addressing a concern. They take a more long-term approach and address everything more holistically. With J beauty, think long-term and preventative care. You don’t have to had a lot of products in your skincare regimen. This is more of a “minimalistic,” less is more approach.

What Are The Ingredients?

Cytofirm = firming (collagen) + soothing
It contains 86 different types of medicinal plants: 4 types of flowers, 19 leaves, 23 fruit and 8 seeds which are harvested over 4 seasons at their peak potency in each season. Then they are allowed to ferment for an entire year in clay pots & Douglass fur barrels. So, it takes a minimum of at least 2 years to develop the formulations of each of these products.

Tightening the skin and giving it a nice, beautiful, smooth texture.

Winefirm = antioxidants

Wine has had a longer time to cultivate and is therefore much richer in antioxidants.

Mission Luxereve Serum:

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The serum is of a silky smooth creamy texture that you can use in the morning or evening. This is considered a Treatment if you are using a Prep (cleanse), Treatment & Moisturize regimen program.

This serum is all about boosting your skin’s elasticity and firmness to help you achieve a more youthful looking skin.

Mission Luxereve Cream:

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This product falls into the Moisturize phase of your skincare regimen.

If you would like to minimize the amount of products you are using, this is a great way to go. You get everything (except cleanser) to increase firmness, elasticity and youthfulness of skin in just 2 products: a serum and moisturizer.


  1. It is Vegan?
    No, these products are not vegan.
  2. Does it contain SPF?
    No, it does not.
  3. How long do they last?
    While it depends on your usage, the cream and serum can extend out to 4-5 months usage. The cream comes with a small spatula you use to remove the perfect amount, so there is no wastage. The serum is measured out by the pump. You can use one full pump or half a pump depending on your preference.
  4. How much does it cost?
    Price-wise the Luxereve products are competitive with Chanel and Cle de Peau. The moisturizer cream is $280 and the serum is $180. This could easily work out to just $92-$115/month if you spread it out over 4-5 months. If you already spend that, or more, on skincare, then this could be a great option for you. Considering that you get many months of usage from one set of product, if you already spend hundreds on various products, it could actually be more cost effective.
  5. How often do you use it?
    You use them once a day AM & PM. After using the cream in the AM, please make sure to follow with SPF.
    You may also choose to only use the cream in the PM (to prolong the life of the jar).
  6. Can you wear it under foundation?
    Yes, you can absolutely apply a full face of makeup over this luxurious product line.

If you’re wondering if this product is going to be good for already maturing skin, then the answer is “yes.” It’s never too late to implement good skincare.

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