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How To Shop Avon Online


Shopping Avon online is as simple as 1-2-3. First, click on the image above. You will then be taken to the e-store where you can view the current Avon campaign brochure online. 2. You can view this like a print catalog or if you already know what you want, just click on one of the categories at the top. 3. Put your items in your cart and select Check Out. Your items will be delivered to your door in 5-7 business days thus saving you time.

Tip: There is a Avon coupon code to the right of this article that will save you 10% if you haven’t already used it!

Before you go, here’s a quick beauty tutorial for you: How To Get Ombre Lips

They’re actually really, really easy to do. You just need two different lip colors, a daring personality, and these step-by-step instructions.

1) Choose your colors.

“Pick two that aren’t so off from each other, but that give you a bit of a gradient,” says Deenihan, who especially loves vibrant pinks and oranges paired together. “I did that with Lucy Hale recently when I put bright pink on her lips, then mark. Coraltini—a bright orange—just in the center of the pout,” she says. “When they bled together, they looked like rainbow sherbet ice cream! It was super fun and very spring-y.” To get the look, try Avon True Color Ultra Hydrating Lip Color in Poppy Pink with mark. All Butter Now Lip Treat in Coraltini.

2) Apply your first lip color.

Grab one of your colors (keep in mind, it’s the one that will end up being the most prominent focus of your look), and apply it all over your lips.

3) Go in with color #2.

Next, take your second color and apply it just in the middle of your mouth. (In other words, right at the center of your bottom lip and just under your cupid’s bow on the top lip.)

4) Kiss and combine.

Now comes the big moment: Gently press your lips together a few times (“this kind of bleeds the two shades together,” says Deenihan), smile, and you’re officially ombré-ed and good to go!

Touching-it-up: Remember to take both colors (and a small purse mirror) with you if you’re going out, since reapplying ombré lips requires a bit more effort than a mindless swipe. “To reapply, take out your mirror, and just redo the whole thing,” says Deenihan. “There’s no way to just do one color and still have the same look.” She adds that you’ll know it’s time for a do-over when the colors have faded—or morphed together into one new hybrid shade.

Another Tip: Don’t forget to check the box for a free catalog with your order!

How To Shop Avon Online & Save Time