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Why is placing an Avon order online such a craze today? How did women shop for Avon products before the launch of the e-store?

Just imagine the Avon shopping scene about a decade ago. Here is what would typically happen:

  • First, you will have to call and tell your local Avon rep that you need some products.
  • Then, she will either send you the latest brochure by snail mail or come to your home to give it to you.
  • You would have had to go through the physical brochure (which is very limited as the earlier brochures may or may not be available with your rep).
  • Then, from the limited options, you choose your products and let your rep know who, in turn, would have had to order it from the company to reach her place.
  • Then, when the products arrive, she would have come and delivered it to you. The entire process was not just time-consuming but frustrating too because you never knew when the entire transaction will be complete.

Now, everything is changed. Your local rep has got a new avatar under the name of Avon e-store.

shop avon onlineHow is placing an Avon order online better than buying from my local Avon lady?

There are multiple benefits to Avon Order Online as compared to purchasing your products from the local Avon lady. Here are some of them:

  • You need not go searching for your local Avon lady. She might or might not be available to service you at the point you want the product. In fact, it could be possible that your local Avon rep is not anywhere close to your home or office.
  • Avon Order Online is available 24/7! You can order any time, any place. For example, as you apply your night cream at midnight after an exhausting day at work, you realize that it is nearly over, and you need to reorder. Simply click here, order your product, and go to sleep. Your product will be delivered to you at your doorstep within the stipulated time. You would hardly be able to do this with your local Avon lady.
  • All sales campaigns and discount sales are uploaded online immediately. You don’t have to wait for snail mail or your local rep to deliver the hard copy of the brochure. Click here and see what best offers are available to you today.
  • And the best part is you can take your time going over each product in detail, get answers to your questions and doubts about the product (because all the information including ingredients, how to use, etc. are available on the website), and finally choose what you want. No one will ever rush you through your choices. You buy what you want and when you want. The other party (which is the Avon Online Store) is exclusively for you.

Whether you choose to do an Avon order online or buy your Avon products through the local lady, remember that you are directly participating in the growth and development of women in the country. After all, the Avon Company thought of empowering women by offering us business opportunities way before the US government chose to give us voting rights!

What categories of Avon products are available when you order online?

All products that Avon carries can be ordered online. Here are some of the most popular categories for your convenience:

What kind of payment options are available for shopping Avon online?

You can use a variety of payment options for making Avon products online. Avon Order Online allows you to pay via PayPal, Master, Visa, and American Express Cards. Also, gift card options are available too. Like all online payment options, it is important to ensure you follow payment instructions of your bank and other financial service providers while shopping for Avon products online. Here are some basic, general safety tips to follow in when placing an Avon order online:

  • Use only trusted websites that are given to you directly by the Avon representative. Book your Avon purchases only from these trusted sites. The same thing holds good for mobile apps. Use only that has been given approval by your retailer. It is best you download the app directly from the trusted website of the company.
  • Don’t share irrelevant information on any website including the Avon e-store. Share only that information that is connected to your purchase. Just to give you an example, if a website wants your date of birth to buy a product (except maybe liquor or some other item which has an age bar for use), then you need to ask yourself the relevance of that information, and choose not to share. You can rest assured that only dubious websites will insist on getting irrelevant information.
  • Keep regular tabs on your account statements so that you can alert your bank when you see suspicious transactions.
  • Never use a public computer or even a public Wi-Fi facility to access your bank and credit card accounts. Use your own password-protected device and Wi-Fi network to purchase Avon products online.
  • Keeping difficult-to-hack and strong passwords is a vital security element in today’s ever-expanding internet world. Make sure you use a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols to get a robust password that is not easy to hack.

Finally, the good part about these payment options is that you can store up to 10 different card details on your Avon order online account (which you can set up by clicking here). By doing this, you can check out faster and more efficiently than if you had to input card details for every purchase.

What are the shipping costs?

First things first! If your order is over $40, most of the Avon e-stores offer free shipping. Click below to avail of this free shipping offer. If your order is less than $40, then the standard shipping costs are as follows:

  • Normal delivery (which is typically 4-7 business days) – $6.95
  • Fast delivery (within 2 business days) – $15.90
  • Express delivery (delivered on the next business day) – $20.90

I would suggest you plan your Avon online shopping schedule in advance so that you can get some excellent products instead of using the money for shipping! Make sure you keep track of your usage and order well in time (and make sure each order is above $40) to save shipping costs entirely. Expedited shipping is not available for free.

Currently, shipping is available only for US customers including those in Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping to these two place have an additional cost called handling fees starting at $7.

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