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Escape to a world of infinite possibilities with this long-lasting floral infusion of luminous marigold and Indian jasmine sambac veiled in sensual vanilla.


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Avon Far Away Infinity Reviews:

This is a great, overall scent, which can be used anytime. I’ve always loved the Far Away scents, so it was a no-brainer I added this to my “collection.” My husband loves anything with vanilla on me, so having that note within this perfume, was a huge bonus. The Bergamot, Patchouli and Sandalwood also piqued my interest, and are preferences of mine. Unlike others, I wouldn’t be the “Perfume Police” and tell people to “only spritz once.” Each person’s skin and PH are different, so some people have to (and want to) spray on more than one spritz, such as me. Perfumes don’t “hold well” or last long on my skin, so it’s a must that I use a perfume more often and with more spritzes. I have received nothing but compliments from people, including my husband, who is going to be the most important person I want to please. Definitely worth buying!” Kris, Columbus

“Floral, creamy, powdery, clean, vanilla-amber scent – definitely in line with Avon’s “traditional” mature scents. A little goes a long way: be kind to those around you and spritz only once or you will make them nauseated from the strong scent it has. A plus about only needing one pump: savings – lasts a long time. A good choice after a shower or bath. If Avon offered this in a body line, I’d be stocking up.” – Sonoran, Arizona

“I first experienced this when I bought the Far Away Collection with the 3 Fragrances – Far Away, Far Away Gold, and Far Away Infinity. When I first smelled all three – this was my very favorite! it smells like dark rich berries – on me. Very rich, great value — this is very similar to a Trish Mckavoy (however you spell that ) at Nordstrom’s… the Blackberry One. I knew I had a winner with this when I saw my male friend’s eyes light up as he smelled this -and give me that school boy crush look – with this wistful look of his eyes! This is subtle – but sexy. Kind of girl next door – goes out for a date, type fragrance. I love this – could wear it a lot! Could definitely become a signature fragrance!” – ArtzGril, San Diego

“I have been searching for a good replacement for my beloved Far Away Exotic perfume that Avon discontinued (WHY?!!)… and THIS IS IT! Most perfumes are too flowery… too “lollipop-ish”… too “young” smelling. I’m not a teeny bopper anymore and I don’t want to smell like one. This perfume is sophisticated, sensual and not at all flowery or girlish. Please do NOT discontinue this one.” – Kelly, Arizona

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