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This chypre, floral perfume is perfect for any woman who wants a scent that is seductive and alluring. Spice up any occasion with Imari’s warming tones of citrus, musk and jasmine. Hints of vanilla orchid control the fire and make this fragrance great for everyday use. Top notes are Italian Lemon, Bergamot, Aldehydes with middle notes of Iris, Jasmine, Rose and dry notes including Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli.


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Reviews: Imari Perfume Rated 4.1 stars

“I love Imari and always run out. I also have Timeless cologne which was my mother’s favorite and wear it often, I feel closer to her and when I am down I put some on and feel better. But Imari I just love it and hope it never gets taken out of the books.” Niki, Pennsylvania

“I have been a life long Avon user, as my mother before me. I was a devotee of Soft Musk for decades and was crushed when it was discontinued. It was a wonderful, understated fragrance that drew constant compliments. When I tried Imari, I found a fragrance that was similar and yet pleasantly different. It makes me feel pretty, and draws the compliments. Every woman loves to hear “Gee, you smell good.” Now that Soft Musk has returned as a “novelty”, I interchange them, and find they are quite compatible. Now I have 2 signature fragrances.” Robin, Idaho

“This is the best perfume. Its all I buy and have used for 15 years at least. People ask me daily what I’m wearing and are shocked when I say Imari from avon. Even men have asked me and I’m 62 years old. Love it.” Suz

“I always come back to Imari no matter what else I try out there…the really expensive brands don’t satisfy me and I have tried a lot. I have wasted so much money on other brands and none give me compliments like Imari. It’s not a real musky or powdery smell, not really flowery either. It’s just Imari and I get so many compliments when I wear it.” Charlea, North Dakota

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