Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick
Inexpensive But NOT Cheap Matte Lipstick


Colors Include: Superb Wine, Wild Cherry, Hot Plum, Marvelous Mocha, Perfectly Nude, Pure Pink, Ravishing Rose, Ideal Lilac, Electric Pink,  Adoring Love, Red Supreme & Coral Fever

Meet your perfect matte! An extremely smooth, completely matte lipstick that never cakes, cracks, or compromises. Seals in moisture for a lightweight velvety feel. Our relatively inexpensive, “cheap” matte lipstick comes in 12 bold, beautiful colors for any long-lasting, chic look. Only $9.00 Click here for more info and reviews

• Never cracks or cakes
• Shine free
• 100% true matte look
• Velvety smooth feel
• Buildable coverage
• 12 beautfiul shades
• Matte finish
• Glides on smoothly

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Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Color

Have you ever sat in front of your dresser mirror applying your makeup and re-doing your lipstick because you hated the lipstick color that you got?

Many women find choosing the matte lipstick color that is just right for their lips and skin tone a little confusing.  It does not help that there are probably thousands of shades of cheap matte lipstick colors out there, which makes the process of choosing the perfect lipstick color for your lips a little more complicated than it should be.  However, if you knew how to look, you would be surprised at how easy finding this perfect lipstick color is.

The Trick to Finding the Perfect Lipstick Color

The trick to finding the perfect lipstick color for your lips is simply this: get a lipstick color that is a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips.  It is as simple as that.

Now, of course you would want to figure out just what kind of lipstick color would complement the tone of your skin.  As a rule of thumb, if you have fair skin, you should go with soft pinks and corals to match the pinkish tone of your skin.  Apricot would be a nice lipstick color too if you are fair-skinned.

If your skin has olive tones, the cheap matte lipstick color that would suit you would be something that has tones of rose or mauve.  If you have dark skin, you should pick lipstick colors with deep reds, deep browns or chocolate.

Got the Wrong Cheap Matte Lipstick Color?

Sometimes, even though you are sure that the color of the lipstick that you got from the catalog is the right one for your skin tone, there are times that when you actually get to use it, you would find that it is not really the right shade for you, or you simply do not like the way it looks against your skin.  Do not despair, though.  You can still make use of that cheap matte lipstick.  You do not have to waste money by throwing it away.

What you do in this situation is to get your lipstick brush and blend this unwanted lipstick color with your other lipsticks.  In this way, you would be able to create a shade of color that would be more to your liking.  You get a new shade of cheap matte lipstick without buying a new one or throwing one away.


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Inexpensive But NOT Cheap Matte Lipstick – Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick