Anew Ultimate Supreme – Advanced Performance Creme

Anew Ultimate SupremeTen Years In The Making

What is it?

Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme is our most luxurious, yet lightweight, night creme infused with Black Pearl extract containing our highest level of Celluvive anti-aging complex, dramatically improving visual signs of aging* while immersing skin in radiant moisture for the ultimate transformative experience.

Who is it for?

Anew Ultimate fans and Avon Anew users.

What does it do?

It delivers dramatic results across all signs of aging – even the most advanced signs. It pampers skin with cushiony softness, increased moisture and instant radiance.


Lightweight, luxurious textured night cream that can be incorporated into any skincare regimen
Infused with Tahitian black pearl and the highest level of Avon’s anti-aging technology
Makes skin feel more hydrated/replenished
Dramatically improves the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles

Maintaining your skin’s moisture levels is so important because it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The best anti-aging regimen is both internal and external. Externally, topical moisturizers actively work to maintain skin’s plump smooth appearance in addition to sunscreen and exfoliation. Diet, like drinking plenty of water, further plays a role in hydrating skin to reduce wrinkles.

To help prevent expression lines from deepening into wrinkles, wear moisturizer. When the skin’s moisture levels are maintained, skin appears plump and radiant. This is where Anew Ultimate Supreme comes in. Through the rare Tahitian black pearl extract along with Avon’s Celluvive technology, it increases skin moisture by 360%.

The Tahitian black pearl is considered one of the rarest gems on earth, taking as long as 3 years to form. A truly revolutionary discovery, the Tahitian black pearl is known to improve skin’s ability to retain moisture.

pearl2Delivers 12x more moisture than
Lancome Absolue L’Extrait Regenerating Ultimate Elixir,
a $365 luxury anti-aging creme.*

As for diet, keep your skin moisturized from within with a diet high in vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and water. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, strawberries and oranges are loaded with skin hydrating vitamins and minerals.

For example, supermodels and actresses swear by drinking gallons of H2O to achieve their red carpet glow and plump up their skin. On woman said she drank 100 ounces of water for 28 days straight and it made her look 10 years younger.

While guzzling water is not proven to be the fountain of youth, dermatologists agree it is important to stay hydrated. Otherwise you could have sunken in eyes and your skin will definitely lose some elasticity. However, it is not recommended to drink more water beyond the recommended amount.

Additionally, Dr. Greg Hillebrand, principal scientist for Olay, said: “We can dramatically delay the onset of persistent wrinkles by protecting skin daily with an effective moisturizer and sunscreen.”

In the first long-term study measuring the speed of wrinkle development, experts found that women with well-hydrated faces develop persistent wrinkles more slowly than those with dry skin.

Illustrating the importance of skin hydration and moisturizing, an 8-year study funded by Olay was published in the June issue of the British Journal of Dermatology. It found that for a typical 28-year-old woman with dry skin, the amount of visible wrinkles will have increased by 52% by the time she is 36.

However, her wrinkles would increase by only 22% by the same age if she had well-hydrated skin (a 30% reduction in wrinkles).

It would seem that nothing keeps wrinkles at bay better than good old fashion moisturizer. So, the key is hydration – inside and out. Avon understands this and that’s why they invested the last 10 years in creating Anew Ultimate Supreme.

*Based on clinical study












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