Anti Aging (Wrinkle) Cream That Won’t Cause Acne


My name is Carrie and I’ve been an Avon representative since 2016. Since becoming a rep, I’ve been privileged to test and use many products over the years which brings me to the reason I created this post. Since using their products, I’m the happiest with my skin that I’ve ever been. Let’s start with the basics.

wrinkle creams that won't cause acne

My Skin Profile: I’m a 45 yo Black female with large pores, sensitive acne-prone oily skin (which leaves dark spots after it heals) and hereditary freckles (which I feel gives me an uneven skin tone). I do not wear foundation or concealer and rarely use blush or eye shadow. I use PLENTY of lipstick and some mascara.

Since experimenting with Avon products, I’ve found those which have reduced my break outs, lightened the resulting scars, reduced pore size on my cheeks and lightened my freckles slightly (while completely removing some age spots). Below I’m going to share which products those are with you!

Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol: Reduced smile lines around my mouth.

Vit C Brightening Serum: Lightened freckles and removed age spots. Smoothed out uneven skin tone. Added a glowing radiance to my overall appearance.

Wrinkle Corrector: This is a STAPLE product for me. It has firmed my skin without causing breakouts. Not only that, it removed the lines that were forming around my eyes.

belif The True Serum Revitalizing: This is my favorite product to reduce pore size.

Cleanser: I just use any good cleanser with at least 2% salicylic acid (Biore/Aveeno/Belmeur Foaming Cleanser).

Day Cream with SPF: I use the Daily Beauty Defense lotion for its SPF. I use the other products as part of my PM regimen.

Misc.: I also use a bit of neroli oil or tea tree oil on my face right after cleansing and before applying moisturizers if I have acne I want to treat.

Other: Another anti-aging cream that won’t cause acne is the Isa Knox Dual Night Cream. It has a Firming Cream & a Volumizing Cream. It contains anti-aging ingredients paeonol, niacinamide, panthenol, rice bran extract and peptides. This line also features an eye serum, face serum and Day Cream.

What’s most important is that using the COMBINATION of these products has made my skin smooth with fewer pimples and signs of aging. Ultimately you have to test until you find the best anti aging cream for acne regimen for you.


Regimen 1: Wrinkle Corrector is the main anti wrinkle cream that won’t cause acne in this regimen. Active ingredient: AHA. I also combine it with Line Eraser Retinol and the Vitamin C Brightening Serum as an overall plan.

Regimen 2: Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate line of night cream, day cream and serums. Active ingredients include: Niacinamide, panthenol, paeonol and rice bran extract.

These are some of the best anti aging creams for acne that Avon currently offers. Granted, most of us have a combination of issues that we need to address. So mix and match products as necessary but not too much as that in itself could irritate the skin facilitating a breakout. But once you find what works for you, STICK WITH IT. Consistency is KEY.

Best Anti Aging Cream For Acne Prone Skin