become an avon representativeHow To Become An Avon Representative To Sell Avon

Avon is committed to providing an earnings opportunity for all Representatives whether their goal is a little extra money or a full time career. They have made it very easy to sign up to sell Avon. This can be done from the comfort of your home by simply going to my Avon Sign Up Page. Sign Up, Share & Earn! Choose from 3 kits, starting at just $25, which give you all the essentials you need to get your Avon business up and running.

There are 2 Ways To Sell & 2 Ways To Earn:

sign-up-to-sell-avonTwo ways to earn include Personal Sales and Team Sales. Personal sales include your own customers. Team Sales are earnings you get when someone you recruit makes sales. Two ways to sell include direct selling (face-to-face) and online sales through your own free Avon eStore (sample eStore).

You also receive free training in your Avon Back Office which includes Avon University to help you learn the in’s and out’s quickly. Your Back Office is also where you set up your free eStore.

To recap, you earn a number of ways: Through your own face-to-face sales, online and from Team Sales should you decide to become an Avon leader.

Avon’s compensation plan allows you to earn 20%-50% of your direct sales, as well as eStore sales, depending on order level. See the chart below:

After you sign up, your starter kit will arrive in 4-7 business days! All Starter Kits are just $30. Every kit gives you full-size products plus samples, brochures, sales tools and more to help you start sharing, sampling and selling like a pro in no time!

Sell Avon Online

If you’d like to sell Avon online, in addition to your traditional face-to-face business, our top online sales rep has created a DVD and workbook course on how to do just that. This optional training can be purchased after you’ve signed up and received your starter kit. The training covers How To Start An Avon Blog, Posting The Avon Brochure Online, Selling Avon Using Social Media, Automating Your Avon Marketing, Turning Visitors Into Buyers, Marketing Online and Recruiting Online. However, remember, that you will earn more if you sell both face-to-face AND online rather than just online only.

Sign Up To Sell Avon Today


After you have signed up to sell Avon, you get instant access to your online store so you can start selling right away. You can begin the Avon University courses, covering topics such as Placing Orders, Growing Your Sales, Managing Your Business, How To Increase Customers, Building Your Team & more. You can also begin personalizing your eStore and making posts to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest accounts using the Social Media Center to jump start your business. Also join the many Avon Facebook Groups to get tips and tricks from other Avon reps. You can even install the Avon Social Media Center App to your smartphone. As you can see, you get tons of online support to start your Avon business.

We look forward to working with you on our Team!



How To Become An Avon Representative – Sign Up To Sell Avon