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Contouring For Beginners Tutorial:
Mark Makeup

If you’ve ever watched a contouring video and thought, “That’s a lot of makeup,” you’re right, it is. So today we’re going to show you how to get the same face-flattering results without weighing yourself down.

We are going to take 3 significantly different foundation shades: One darker for the contour, one lighter than your natural skin tone for highlight and lastly a shade that matches your skin. Start with the darker shade and place that on the cheeks (see video for placement technique) – in the hollow of the cheeks, then around the hairline and under the jawline.

Next take the lighter shade and have that act as a highlight. Apply that shade under the eyes, under the brow bone, in between the brows and above the lip. The third color matches your skin tone. Place that everywhere that doesn’t already have product and blend them all together. With the shade that matches the skin color make sure you bring it all the way down the neck, ears and upper chest area.

Use both a fluffy brush and fingers to blend. The warmth of your hand also helps blend the products together. Take the fluffy brush, go in circular motions and buff them together. To make the highlights pop a little bit more add a bit of Touch & Glow under the brow bone, above the lip and on the very highest part of the cheek bones to really catch the light.

So now you’re ready to start adding color to your face without having a ton of makeup on and that’s contouring for the real girl.

Cat Eye & Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

We are going to show you 2 different winged eyeliner looks: the Soft Flirty Flick and the Dramatic Cat Eye.

A liquid liner is easier than a pencil to get that crisp “flick” at the end. In this tutorial we use the What A Line Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Mark. It features a foam tip precision applicator which makes it great for a clean line with a crisp edge.

To begin the Soft Flirty Flick look, start the line half way in right above the pupil and work your way outward making a bunch of dots and dashes and then eventually connecting those to make a precise line. Once you come to the outside of the eye, just stop, and see where the bottom meets the top lash line in conjunction to the eyebrow (see video for positioning at :45 seconds).

Make the flick come up toward the eyebrow. Pull the brow taut to avoid any creasing making a triangle from the outside of the line and connect it to the existing top lash line. BEST TIP: See where the top and bottom lash line connects and follow the BOTTOM line up towards your brow.

Don’t worry about making your eyes look exactly the same. Consider them sisters, not twins. This is more of a casual, every day winged eyeliner look.

Moving on to the Dramatic Cat Eye:  We start with what we’ve already done and build upon it for a more dramatic look. Simply follow the same line, making it fuller and thicker. Again, not going all the way in – just stopping half way through the upper lid. With liquid liner, don’t be afraid to dot it on and just connect the lines. Pull up on the brow to get a really crisp edge. The foam applicator helps with getting one line to get that sharp edge. Again, connect the lower lash line to the upper lash line.

How To Use Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Avon Mega Effects with Keratin is a breakthrough product that delivers 24-hour volume leaving lashes darker, denser and more dramatic.

At first glance Mega Effects can look a little intimidating but have no fear. We’re going to break down the steps on how to use it to get the best possible results.

First, grip the sides and remove the mascara cap. Next, rock brush from side-to-side to remove it (see video). Mega Effects uses the Wonderbrush. It looks different because it is. It bends to 12 different angles. Third, bend brush to desired angle and apply from root to tip on top & bottom lashes. The shape of the brush fits the natural shape of your lashes. It combs through your lashes to separate while building volume. When you’re finished, just insert the applicator back into the basket until it locks in place.

The formula of this mascara feels slightly more liquid than an average mascara which makes it easier to build. The wetter formula combined with the Wonderbrush allows the formula to coat your lashes without leaving any clumps. Now, with a wetter formula, you obviously want to avoid any messes. So a good tip is to make sure you rock the wand when opening the package which allows you to control how quickly the wand is released from the package.

It comes in 2 shades: Black and Blackest Black.

Now enriched with keratin to give your lashes intense MEGA volume!

How to Apply Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Before you even think about applying a matte lipstick you want to make sure your lips are hydrated. You might even think about adding a lip scrub to your beauty regimen. The video model is using Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick in the color Ravishing Rose. Go straight from the tube, then perfect any imperfections with a lip liner afterwards (see video starting at :31 seconds).

Model uses Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner in the shade Pink Bouquet to perfect the edges (see video starting at :50 seconds).

Matte lipsticks can be dry and difficult to apply but this one glides right on and feels great. They provide a great “power lip” and we hope these tips have helped you.




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