Avon Cosmetics Tips

1. Have fun.
You should see applying Avon cosmetics as a fun activity, not a chore. Don’t give up or get upset if you don’t get a certain makeup technique down on the first try. Practice and don’t put yourself down just because you are not able to perfect it on your first few attempts. Practice more, have fun while you’re learning and you will eventually improve your skills.

2. Apply makeup on your kids.
To get more practice, get your daughters involved. Try applying Avon makeup on them for fun or special occasions. This way you can also see your own progress. They will probably enjoy it and you can learn how to put on makeup properly together. By doing that, you will get more practice since you will be applying Avon makeup on someone else’s face and not just your own.

You might want to try ordering special makeup for them. Avon’s Mark brand is trendy and leans more towards teenagers and youth.

3. Observe makeup artists as they practice their skills.
Whenever you visit the salon or cosmetics counter, you should try to observe how various makeup artists apply their skills on their customers. Check out how they use make to enhance their features. By doing this you will be able to learn more about which shades go with what skin tones. Simply apply what you learn to yourself.

4. Establish clear goals.
When applying cosmetics don’t see it as something that you have to do. You need to have certain goals in mind. For example, you should decide if you are applying Avon makeup to enhance your eyes, nose, lips, cheeks or all of the above. With clear goals on your mind, you can use the appropriate techniques to achieve them.

5. Visit your friends.
On weekends you don’t have anything to do, try visiting your friends and practice applying Avon cosmetics. Aside from providing you a chance to enhance your skills, you and your friends can also exchange ideas and tips. Try it out this weekend & have some fun.

6. Use your imagination.
If you are trying to come up with a one of a kind style, use your imagination. It is a good idea to have a good understanding of Avon makeup application basics that you have learned through books and magazines but try to explore new possibilities. It may help you come up with new techniques.

7. Read magazines.
To learn more about various makeup techniques, you can always read more magazines. This does not mean that you should limit yourself to reading the articles about makeup. You should also check out pictures of celebrities and see how their experts enhanced their faces. By doing that, you can learn more about various techniques that you can use on yourself.

8. Ask questions.
When you are in need of more information about applying Avon cosmetics, you should ask more and more questions. There is no need to ask only one or two people. You can ask your friends and relatives. Aside from that, whenever you visit a beauty salon and you are seated next to a makeup artist while waiting for your turn, ask her questions, so that you can satisfy your hunger for information.

9. Check out blogs.
Gone are the days when you need to step out of your place to acquire important information about beauty products. You can simply do it by accessing the internet, and checking out blogs about it. Lots of blogs are launched with topics related to cosmetics. Aside from offering informative articles, you can also post your questions on these blogs, which may be answered by the owner or others visiting the site.

10. Start with light makeup.
To be on the safe side, it is best that for your first few tries of applying makeup on yourself, you should do it lightly. With that, you won’t have to redo everything when it doesn’t come out the way you’d like. Aside from that, it is also easier to correct, since you won’t be dealing with heavy makeup.


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