100 Avon Makeup Tips: #41 to #50

Avon Makeup tips

41. Pimples and makeup.
When you have pimples, using Avon Extra Lasting Concealer, especially something that has lighter shade than your skin can effectively hide it. To prevent pimples though, choose makeup items that are gentler on your skin. Such items usually do not contain substances that can clog up your pores and cause pimples.

42. Wearing makeup at work.
When you wear Avon makeup at work, you should stick to neutral colors, especially when it comes to your eyes. Earth tone eye shadows would look great with your office attire. For your eyeliner, you can choose one that has a gray or brown color to achieve that beautiful and professional look.

43. Applying eye makeup for the first time.
If it is your first time applying or wearing Avon eye makeup, then the best way to go is by starting with a pencil eyeliner, like the very popular Glimmersticks. This is because a pencil eyeliner is easy to work with. Just practice applying with a steady hand to perfect your technique.

44. Starting out fresh.
When you are first starting to use Avon makeup, a light foundation should help you a lot, but you should not apply it heavily at first. Aside from using a foundation, you can also utilize a good concealer to hide the blemishes. Once you have gained more experience, then don’t hesitate in exploring other makeup items.

45. Makeup for the bride.
Since it is going to be one of your most memorable days, you want everything to be perfect, including your Avon makeup. Therefore, for your bridal makeup, you should not follow the trends, since they usually come and go, and you may not be sure if it would suit you best. Go for a more classic look, so that you will smile every time you check out your photos years later.

46. Makeup colors for your wedding.
To decide on the color of Avon makeup you want to wear on your wedding day, one of the things that you should to consider is the theme of your wedding. However, if you want to achieve an elegant look, stick with colors like pinks, browns and plums, since they are soft on the eyes. Discuss this with your makeup artist, so you look your best on the big day.

47. Makeup tips in attending a wedding.
As mentioned, knowing the wedding theme should be one of the first things that you should consider before applying Avon makeup. This ensures that you will be wearing the right dress and color of makeup in attending the event. Aside from that, try to think about keeping your skin shine free but glowing.

48. Choosing Avon makeup for special occasions.
Whatever the occasion you are attending, you should make sure that you are wearing makeuextra-lasting-lipstickp that you are comfortable with. To achieve that, you should stick to makeup styles that are not too heavy. Aside from that, you should also choose items that are hypoallergenic.

49. Makeup for healthier skin.
Keep in mind that your skin also needs minerals in order to remain as healthy as possible. With that, you should opt for mineral based makeup kits. By doing that, you are not just enhancing the beautiful features of your face but it can also improve the condition of your skin.

50. Enhancing the looks of your lips.
When it comes to reporting to work, you should stick to lighter shades of pink or red for your Avon lipstick. This is because such colors are perceived to be more professional than others. In addition, you should avoid using lipsticks that are frost or have glittery effects. This also applies to wearing lip gloss.

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