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Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

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Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick &
Long Lasting Lip Stain


Recently a customer contacted me asking if I knew of any long lasting liquid lipsticks that stay on all day. A couple came to mind but after doing some research and looking over some reviews my thoughts were confirmed. Our most recommended long wear lipstick also happens to be a great lip stain:

mark. Stay On Lip Stain by Avon

long-lasting-liquid-lipstickThis is a long-lasting gloss and stain in just one step! Two steps in one quick click of the pen: This award-winning, innovative lip color goes on like a high-shine gloss, then wears to a rich stain that lasts hours. Minty fragrance adds a fresh kick. Most found that this lasted for hours (up to 8).

However, it is important how you apply it. One user wrote, “The key to keeping this stain on is being gentle and not afraid to put it on the full lip, some people will tell you just put a dot on the bottom or top lip of this stain but we aren’t talking about your normal lip gloss here so that old adage doesn’t go for lip stain. It’s better to put it on gently like you are putting on lipstick.”

Others also found that a lip crayon worked well for them. I personally prefer stains but these Avon True Color Lip Crayons also get the job done:


Made With Avon True Color Technology – so what you see is what you get. Reveal the perfect pout with a full sweep of shimmery high shine color. Infused with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for rich, creamy lip color and liner in one.

Designed for every skin tone, these lip “markers” come in 12 shades. Shimmery high shine finish. Retractable, self sharpening tip, twist up for lip color. You will probably need to apply an extra lasting lip gloss over these for the best results.

We are all looking for the perfect look that lasts all day. For many, this is as close as it gets. Hope this helps.

Lipstick Tips

Heavy lip liner, wrong color liquid lipstick and lips that have a “drawn on” look are common makeup mistakes that will ruin your overall look.

Perfect looking lips are attainable and begin with an ideal lip line. Many women who are unsure of how to wear lipstick skip this step completely leaving lips looking unbalanced. By following a few essential steps, your lips can look like a makeup artist did them.

1.    When applying foundation continue over the lips to provide a base for lip liner, long lasting liquid lipstick or lip stain.

2.    Keep your mouth CLOSED. Then trace a fine line around the lips with a sharp pencil. A dull pencil will make blending more difficult. Start at the V of the top lip and move outward to lip corners. Use short strokes. After you have penciled in the top lip, begin from the middle of the bottom lip and move outward also following the natural line of the lip.

3.    To make lips look fuller, follow the outer edge of the natural lip line making sure not to go over the natural lip line. To make lips look smaller follow the inside of the natural lip line.

4.    Filling the whole lip with lip liner will make the liquid lipstick last longer when it is applied. However, darker lip liner will darken the color of your lipstick. So if you are going for a light look, use a light lip liner when using this technique.

5.    After lips are filled in, use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick. Using a lip brush will give you more control. When lipstick has been applied, with lips closed, lay a tissue across both lips to blot.

You are now ready to go with great lips. Do touch-ups throughout the day if necessary but this shouldn’t be much of the case if you are using long lasting lip stain. If you are not used to wearing lipstick, it will probably take awhile to get used to having your lips done and not “eating” the long lasting liquid lipstick. The plus to having nice lips, aside from the obvious, is you will never be plagued with dry lips again an over time they become softer. That’s another good reason to take care of your lips.

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