Foundations For Oily Skin – Comparison

Over 25 liquid foundations were tested for oil content, or oiliness. The Instagram photo by aprilbelle83 above speaks for itself. Top, popular brands included in this “study” are Elf, Rimmel, Avon, Loreal and Clinique. The ONE that DIDN’T leave an oily spot: Avon Ideal Nude “Flawless” Liquid Foundation! Surprising isn’t it…

This product was called True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation. It was originally introduced in 2017. It came in 20 shades featuring sheer coverage with soft matte finish. Ideal Nude’s formula actually had oil-blotting properties because it included mattifying powders.

Since Avon has merged with LG, this product has been replaced with the extended wear Cashmere Complexion foundation & concealer.

Here are the details and some SHORT DEMO VIDEOS showing how it works:


The key to applying foundation for oily skin is to use the proper PRIMER for OILY SKIN first, THEN apply a foundation that mattifies. There are NOT a lot of foundations for oily skin. Many claim they are but end up leaving your face oily later on in the day.

Cashmere Complexion is a long-wear foundation for oily skin in that it mattifies. Coupled with the Match Blur Primer Balm, which is a sheer mattifying formula that helps control oil, it’s a one-two punch to the problem of applying makeup for oily skin. REMEMBER: Apply oil control primer first before applying foundation to prevent oiliness later in the day. Then, as shown in the video below, use the same primer ON TOP in the T-Zone. Keep your matte look all day! There is also an accompanying concealer.

Make sure to use the setting spray to help reduce shine long-term. The foundation is also available as a compact powder foundation.

How To Apply Match Blur Oil Control Primer For Oily Skin:

How To Apply Foundation For Oily Skin – Video

Oily Skin FAQ:

How does oily skin look and feel? What causes oily skin?

Here are some typical signs of oily skin:

  • It has a ‘shiny’ look.
  • Makeup literally ‘sweats off.’
  • There is almost a constant attack of pimples and acne.

So, if you have this constant ‘shine’ on your face, and you break out easily, then it is likely that you have oily skin.

Our skin produces oil (or sebum) for softness and suppleness. However, the production of excess sebum can result in acne formation and the ‘oily’ look. Oily skin which is scientifically referred to as seborrhea are known to be caused by two major factors; genetics and hormones.

One particular hormone called androgens plays a big part. Androgens are actually male hormones but found in both men and women. The release of androgen hormones signals the maturity of the skin’s sebaceous glands which produces the oil or sebum. When androgen levels increase, sebum production also increases.

Additionally, genetics also play an important role in the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

How can you prevent oily skin?

While you cannot run away from your body and skin type, you can control the oiliness in your skin in the following ways:

  • Wash regularly with warm water and a gentle cleanser designed to combat oily skin types.
  • Use a toner with a natural astringent like witch hazels which can help dry out your skin without causing harm.
  • Pat your face dry always. Don’t pull down your skin with a cloth or towel.
  • Use specially-made blotting paper and other kinds of medicated pads to pat out the excess oil from your skin.
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin protected and moist.

Therefore, oily skin takes a lot of effort to look after. Add to that, your makeup woes are bound to increase too. Oily skin calls for special cosmetics and makeup elements to give you the right kind of look that lasts through the day.

Why is there a need for special foundations for oily skin?

While looking after oily skin even on routine days can be quite challenging, getting the right made-up look is even more so. Most foundations promise the ‘matte’ look but fail to deliver. In summer especially, sweat and oil can create havoc on your makeup if you don’t use the right kinds of foundations for oily skin.

Sweat (which is nothing but water) is produced to keep your body cool. Oil or sebum is produced to keep your skin smooth and silky. During warm weather, both oil and sebum are produced in excess resulting in the rather unpleasant sweat-oil combination look! Without a special foundation for oily skin, your makeup will ‘leach’ or ‘sweat off.’

Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the right kind of foundation for oily skin. At this point, it makes sense to tell you that the product you choose should also be backed by years of research and dedicated study (think Avon :-).

Where can I get a great foundation for oily skin?

Some of the best foundations for oily skin can be found here. The Avon Cashmere Collection Longwear Foundation is an amazing foundation for oily skin that promises (and delivers) that perfect mattifying look.

This Avon foundation for oily skin combines the power matte power with light water-based elements needed to give you a natural-looking, fresh coverage. Here are some splendid benefits offered by this liquid foundation:

  • You can use the foundation to build a light-to-medium coverage.
  • It lets you wear breathable and light makeup.
  • It gives you a soft matte finish rendering a fresh, natural look to your skin.
  • You don’t need special oil blotters. This foundation has natural oil blotters integrated into the product that controls the oil in your skin to retain the matte finish right through the day.
  • All shades of this foundation for oily skin has SPF 20.
  • The formula of Avon Liquid Foundation is non-comedogenic which means, the ingredients and the final product do not cause blocked pores; a common problem with most oily skin.
  • Like all other Avon products, this foundation for oily skin is dermatologist tested and approved and is hypoallergenic.

How to apply foundations for oily skin?

Here are some tips to help you apply foundation for oily skin effectively:

  • First, make sure your skin is clean and even. Use a cleansing brush all over your face, and then wash your face to clean up oily areas.
  • Cleanse your face with an exfoliating cleanser.
  • Pat your face dry, and apply the moisturizer.
  • Then, use an oil blotter on the oily parts, and then apply a primer for oily skin.
  • Finally, apply your Cashmere Collection Foundation using a brush as shown in the video above.

Comparison of Foundations for Oily Skin – Result Will SHOCK You