Comparing ReFa Carat Face Roller to Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller – Complete Review With Comparison

Since face rollers are all the anti-aging rage, I thought I would review and compare one of the more popular, and most expensive, models available. This would be the Refa Carat Face Roller which can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for around $220. (At least shipping is free.) Let’s begin with some basics.

What Is A Face Roller?

Basically, a face roller is like a paint roller for the skin. Face rolling is commonly done to promote blood circulation which helps your products more readily absorb into the skin. They can also help reduce puffiness, which is caused by congested lymphatic passages.

Who Are Facial Rollers Good For?

Face rolling works on many levels. It stimulates blood flow to get more nutrients and oxygen to your skin. They provide a deep tissue massage and drain fluid. Many like the benefits of a facial massage but hate to massage their own face. The idea of a tool is to recreate a manual massage. Face rollers work on a deeper level. You should see it lifting the cheek muscles as you roll.

What does this do? Regular massage or face rolling will change the shape, or contour, of your face. Like any other muscles in the body, face muscles also get tight, hold tension and become flaccid as we age.

According to aestheticians, rollers not only help to drain and contour the face, they’re also believed to help calm inflammation and redness as the metal or quartz rollers are naturally cold.

Benefits Of Face Rolling

You can even use face rollers over a sheet mask to help their ingredients penetrate more deeply. Additionally, you can also use a roller as the final step in your skincare routine for the same reason – to enhance their absorption of skincare products.

Lastly, using a roller after applying makeup gives the skin a healthy, beautiful glow which gives a more natural, less made-up finish. For a relaxing massage, dip it in hot water for 30 seconds, let it dry and then use it over a sheet mask. Using a chilled roller is great for a headache when rolled over the eyebrows and forehead.

How To Use A Face Roller

Whichever face roller you use, it is important to remember to roll upwards in one direction. Never go up and down. Repeat this up to 5 times in each area. First roll outwards under the jawline. Then under the cheekbone, then along it. Finally, roll flat along the brows, then upwards on the forehead. You can work more slowly over the neck and jawline, but be brisk to firm over and under the cheeks.

Experts say that when draining fluid to contour the face, you need to roll up at an angle to the side of the face and then take the roller down to near the ear. The purpose of this is to drain away the fluid in the lymph nodes.

How long should you use it before you see results? Using it 2-3 times per week, for at least 5 minutes, should be enough for you to see the difference in your face in a couple of weeks.

You can keep your roller chilled in the fridge but most just use it naturally cold. However, using an extra-chilled roller tightens pores, firms skin and wakes up a weary face at the end of a long day, making it great before a party.

ReFa Carat Face Roller VS
Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller

Now let’s begin the comparison – similarities and differences. We’ll do this by examining each product separately first. Let’s begin with the…

Refa Carat Face Roller

Refa Carat Face Roller


Equipped with two platinum-coated, multiangular Double Drainage rollers designed to target the face, neck and décolletage, the ReFa CARAT FACE replicates the gentle kneading action of an esthetician’s fingers to help tighten, tone and contour the appearance of skin on the cheeks, jawline, neck and décolleté area. A solar panel generates a soothing microcurrent, while waterproof construction makes it safe for use in the bathtub or shower.

Neiman Marcus offers this product for $220, with free shipping. However, I have seen it on another site for $176.


It offers 2 platinum-coated angled rollers as well as boasts a solar panel that converts light into a very mild microcurrent.

What Customer Reviews Have To Say:

“Incredible amazing experience! I wish I knew about the roller before. After less than a week i can see how skin is improving.”

“I used this for a few minutes and I can see the results. Like it.”

“I had high hope and really wanted to believe it will work. After a couple of weeks of using the Refa roller, I do not feel or see any improvement in lifting or tightening of my skin.”

“Just received my refa. It’s not a Stainless steel! It’s very light and looks cheep, poorly made. Very disappointed. Maybe isn’t a fake.”

“This roller is the best for anti-wrinkle. I saw some mega actresses are using it and even in the Grammy Award several times.”

Now the…

Avon Youth Activating Facial Roller


It’s a facial massage at home! Our chrome-plated roller deeply kneads the curvature of your face and décolletage to help revive and tighten tired, stressed skin. It’s the perfect skin care tool to stimulate circulation and help promote the absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Avon offers this product for $50. However, it’s usually on sale for $39.99 and you can get free shipping when you place a $60 order.


It offers 2 chrome-plated angled rollers and is inexpensive.

What Customer Reviews Have To Say:

“The spacing of the roller balls is perfect for the face and neck. It feels SO good and cool on the face.”

“It feels nice and easy to clean. Hoping to see awesome skin results. I’m obsessed with kbeauty.”

“I am not sure what it will do, but the massaging action feels soooo good!”

“Thoroughly enjoying the contouring benefits.”

Comparing Design, Size & Weight

You’ll probably notice from the enlarged pictures above that the products are VERY similar, seeming almost identical in some aspects except for the name branding. They both feature 2 multi-angular rollers.

The ReFa roller is 5.78 inches long and weighs 290 grams. It is platinum-coated.

The Avon roller is 5.75 inches long and weighs 133 grams. So it’s actually easier to hold for longer. It is chrome-coated.

Refa VS Avon

Comparing Results

As for results, it’s easier to SHOW you than tell you. Here is a short video showing results of the Avon Youth Activating Face Roller after just one use!

Rather than having you watch another video, I’m going to assume that since the products are so similar, you would get the same results from using the Refa Face Roller as well. However, you’d pay way more to do it.

What’s The Difference?

Avon does not offer Lip & Body Rollers (seen below) as Refa does. However, the biggest difference is the price. Refa’s face and body roller products range from $160-$360. Avon’s is listed at $50 but usually is on sale for $39.99.


Breaking It Down: Conclusion

If you are in the market for a face roller, then you are probably looking for the most economical way to get the benefits they offer. As mentioned before, the Refa Roller is a tad longer and has a solar panel. The Avon roller is a little smaller and lighter.  Also, the handle on the Refa is more rounded whereas the Avon version has a flatter handle. So if you can live without the solar panel of the ReFa, then the Avon roller is a better value.

You can get Refa Face Roller products at Neiman Marcus or Sephora and the Avon Face Roller at the Avon website.


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