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When it comes to protection, gloves are of utmost importance, there is surely no denying that. However, it is important to ensure that the gloves that you wear are not only of a proper fit, but also made from a good quality material. There are various brands and types of disposable gloves on the market, especially at this time when we are all concerned about protecting ourselves from viruses during this pandemic. As a general rule of thumb you should always look for nitrile gloves.

Nitrile is considered to be a material of superior quality for disposable gloves. It is a form of synthetic rubber, which has a high resistance to various chemicals as well as to substances such as oils and fuels. It is also greaseproof and waterproof. Thus it is resistant to gasoline, kerosene and other petroleum solvents.

This material also has a high puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves are much better than their counterpart, latex gloves, since they offer a considerably higher degree of protection from various viruses.  So if you are looking for complete protection, nitrile definitely ranks better than other types of disposable gloves you will find on the market.

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These types of gloves are becoming a standard medical supply for medical facilities and emergency personnel. However, police officers, security guards, housekeepers, factory workers and veterinarians also use them. On the other hand, latex is still widely used by surgeons and doctors performing minor procedures. If you are allergic to latex, nitrile is an excellent alternative. You can also use hand sanitizer on them.

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These nitrile disposable gloves are stretchable and comfortable. They are also powder and latex free. These gloves come in a one size fits all, and a glove can fit either hand snugly and comfortably. Each box of gloves contains 30 gloves. These gloves come packed in a compact box which is securely sealed.

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