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Bright bergamot, crisp mandarin and accents of apple create a warm, spicy blend of notes. A heart of spices, herbs and classic aromatic accords combine with a backdrop of coriander, cardamom, amber and precious woods with exotic elements coming from myrrh to form a new expression of sensuality. Great alternative to Attraction For Him!


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Reviews: Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

“Wow! Smells very similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree that has long since been discontinued. Ironically it has none of the same notes. Love this stuff and I can’t stop smelling myself. Citrus-apple opening, spices and woods in the middle, subtle vanilla dry down. This is my new favorite cologne and I wound up getting the body wash and aftershave.” Patrick, Atlanta

“My husband wears this cologne daily for casual or dress. Mesmerize Black is his second choice.” Nan, Louisiana

“I used to use Trazará but Avon discontinued that many years ago. It took me several years to find Mesmerize but I’m delighted with it. Trazara used to elicit comments on the aroma, nothing since I ran out of it did until Mesmerize came along.” Mike, Texas

“I’m somewhat of a Fragrance Junkie! I’ll admit it! Yes – other people may get “high on” other things in life – but I truly LOVE finding a fabulous fragrance that really captures someone’s essence and blends well with their unique chemistry. Today, I smelled the men’s cologne – “Mesmerize” on my boyfriend’s neck — and it was like a Britney Spears video just came to life! I imagined myself standing up singing Britney’s song – “Slave For You”!!!! I know, hilarious — RIGHT! Me as a Pole Dancer!!! So funny it’s comical! ——— Hey, but whatever ignites THE PASSION! ——– Can a cologne do this? YES IT CAN!!!!! ——– Mesmerize by AVON!!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff!!!!! It is MAGICAL!!!! AMAZING!!!! Totally! ———– Ok, this was just from the sample card! I can’t wait for the actual fragrance to arrive in the mail!” ArtzGrl, California

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