Avon Anew Reviews – Ultimate & Reversalist

Hi, my name is Carrie. I’ve been an Avon Rep for a couple of years now and today I just wanted to share what some of my customers are saying about 2 of Avon’s top anti-aging formulas and what you can expect.

They are the Ultimate Multi-Performance Creams and the Reversalist Complete Renewal Day and Night Creams.

First a little background:
The Reversalist Day and Night Creams is recommended for those 40+ who are beginning to lose firmness, skin tone is discolored with blotchiness, skin texture that is occasionally dry and flaky, facial skin with wrinkles & expression lines and dark circles, lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

The Ultimate Multi-Performance is recommended for those 50+ whose facial skin has wrinkles and deep expression lines, sagging and loss of contour, skin texture is excessively dry and thin in places, skin tone is dull with age spots and deep creases around the eyes.

Note that both Day Creams include broad spectrum SPF. The Ultimate is a little “heavier” than the Reversalist. If you aren’t sure which category you belong in or which Avon anti-aging product is best for you check out the Avon Skin Care Adviser (http://tiny.cc/o6ufoy).

Now, a couple of my ladies who have used the Reversalist line have this to say:

Been using this product for 2 years now. I have sensitive fair skin. I never have issues with irritation. I am 52 and people guess my age to be 38. When you have glowing skin you will look youthful. I am very happy with the Reveralist line of products. They do their job like they should! – Joanna

I have had difficulty find a good day cream with SPF since I have very sensitive, very dry skin. This is by far the best I have tried. It doesn’t make my face sting or burn at all and it doesn’t cause me to breakout. It soaks in very quickly, and my skin feels so soft. I will definitely re-purchase! – Kristy

Here is a before and after shot of Tracie, 46:

avon anew reversalist before and after

Notice the decrease of the “parentheses” wrinkles around the mouth.

A few of my Anew Ultimate Night Cream users had this say:

I really like this night cream the best from other night creams I have tried. I like that you can feel it working & with this one I see results. I tried using another MK…..but it didn’t work as well for me. I need a night cream like this one because I need more moisture than the other brands have, & I have some oil in my T-Zone & this one is perfect! – Phyllis

Have been using nightly for about three weeks and my skin has improved so much that I’ve come back to get the day cream. I particularly like that, while it moisturizes well, it has not caused clogged pores and/or breakouts. My skin is less tight, noticeably softer and more supple and I have no dry patches. Non-greasy, lightly scented, absorbs well. Very pleased! – Diane

One thing I’ve learned is what works on the face doesn’t always work around the eyes. So I use Ultimate for my face and Eye Lift Pro for around my eyes. Along with that I use myrrh essential oil and do facial exercises I found on YouTube. This has worked best for me with great results. – Tracie

Lastly, one of my older customers did not want to show her face but instead allowed a picture of her hands to be shown. Here is a before and after of Glady’s, in her 60’s:

avon anew ultimate before and after

So, I hope this review helped if you’re on the fence about giving Avon Anew a try. For more information, simply go over to their site and read more reviews for each product. Thanks for reading.


Avon Anew Reversalist: https://is.gd/reversalist
Avon Anew Ultimate: https://is.gd/ultimateanew
Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro System: https://is.gd/eyelift

Skin Care Adviser: http://tiny.cc/o6ufoy
More Product Reviews: https://is.gd/youravon

Avon Anew Reviews of Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Cream by Avon – Best Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Cream