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How you smell speaks volumes about your style and grooming. As you walk into a room, the number of heads that turn is directly proportional to the whiff of something pleasant heading their way.

The wide range of cologne, after-shave conditioners, hair & body wash and a host of other Avon men products is a reflection of the effort the company has put into this crucial area in a man’s life.

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Best Avon Cologne For Men

The most popular men’s fragrance brands include Wild CountryMesmerize and Black Suede

Avon Black Suede

The Avon Black Suede brand’s range of after-shave conditioners delivers a super-smooth feel to your skin. These products have a wide repertoire of varying perfume tones making you feel like royalty.

Smooth on a little bit of the aftershave with its alcohol-free, non-greasy, lightweight moisturizing formula and feel its coolness spread across your face leaving you feeling refreshed and soothed.

The quick-drying, non-staining, anti-whitening antiperspirant deodorant range of products is perfect to cool you down on those hot days or evening nights. Spraying on a bit of Avon men Black Suede antiperspirant deodorants inspires confidence all day long.

The Black suede hair & body is ideal for a refreshing and relaxing bath preparing you to meet the challenges of a hectic day or to facilitate a restful night’s sleep.

Avon Mesmerize

The Avon Mesmerize line of products include colognes, after-shave conditioners and hair & body wash.

The Mesmerize cologne not only makes you smell enticingly great but also boosts your confidence. Made with heady scents, spray it on and prepare to meet the world head-on.

The Mesmerize range of after-shave conditioners, like its name, captivates, hypnotizes and creates mesmerizing intensity. Simply smooth a little over your skin to feel refreshed and soothed after a shave.

The hair & body wash range delivers invigorating, rich lather rendering a long-lasting light scent. The moisturizer-rich range of Mesmerize hair and body wash products are gentle, mild, ideal for a bath or shower, and is great for frequent use.

Avon Perceive

The Avon Perceive cologne spray is contemporary and fresh. Spray on Avon Perceive Cologne and give yourself a clean and fresh feel. The complex layers of fragrance in the product are topped by fresh, citrusy woody tones then followed by geranium, lavender, cedarwood and lots more. The complexity in the fragrance enhances the freshness that lasts a long time instilling confidence and improving your mood right through the day.


Avon Attraction Hair & Body Wash for Him is what you must use if you want that irresistible magnetic rush-of-attraction from her. The musk scent in the product promises to capture and crystallize the heady attraction between two people. This product which is good for daily and frequent use offers multiple benefits.

The rich and creamy lather from Avon Attraction Hair & Body Wash cleanses gently and quickly, hydrates and moisturizes your skin but rinses off easily. All you need to do is squeeze out a small amount on a wet sponge or washcloth or directly in your palm. Create the lather and use liberally over all your hair and body.

Avon Attraction for Him After Shave Conditioner also features the magnetic musk accord for an undeniable feeling of attraction, as the brand name suggests. This aloe-enriched, alcohol-free product is gentle and mild. It leaves your skin feeling soothed and refreshed after a shave.

Smooth a bit of the product over your face, and let the lightweight, non-greasy, and cooling effect linger all day long.

Wild Country

Ever wanted to capture a man’s rugged appeal in a bottle of cologne spray? Reign in your confident style then let it loose with Wild Country. This lively fougère scent evokes masculinity with the aroma of oakmoss, lavender, coriander, bergamot and amber.


Avon Luck for Him is a range of Avon men products characterized by a scent of boldness.

The Avon Luck for Him After Shave Conditioner is reflective of this bold character as well. Its alcohol-free formula is enriched with moisturizers and aloe ensuing your skin feels smoothed, refreshed, and nourished after application. The lightweight, non-greasy after-shave conditioner is mild and gentle and perfect for daily use.

The Avon Luck for Him Hair & Body Wash, again a reflection of a bold and powerful scent leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. The alcohol-free, gentle-action product is highly suitable for everyday use. Its non-drying formula hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

The ingredients in this product facilitate the creating of a rich, creamy lather quickly, cleanses fast and rinses off easily too ensuring no unpleasant soapy feeling is left behind. Avon men products are all reflective of the importance and dedication of the Avon company gives to quality, consistency, and innovation. Each product is tested thoroughly for efficacy and safety before being released for your use.

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