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A smooth fragrance of warm, woody notes highlighted by a leather accord. Top note Sicilian Lemon, middle note Suede Accord and bottom note dry: Amber.


Regular $22
Sale $10.99

Reviews: Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars

“My Dad has worn Black Suede cologne all my life! It’s a classic and is still around because it smells so good! My Dad always gets compliments on it!” Ohio

“Husband applies it daily after his shower. He wore this before I met him and he really likes it. It smells very nice without being overpowering.” LexyLou from Pennsylvania

“Black Suede has been a longtime favorite of mine. The fragrance performs well and lasts all day. It never fails to attract compliments. This masculine scent opens with a robust mix of herbal green notes, honeyed woods, and soft suede, eventually with a powdery vanilla note chiming in to sweeten things up just a bit, but it stays smelling manly throughout its long duration. This is easily a “comfort” scent, one that your lady will enjoy snuggling up to again and again. I will always have a bottle of Black Suede in my collection, and I hope Avon never decides to discontinue this classic scent.” Misty from California

Black Suede Essential – Discontinued


Sexy “casual” fragrance with wild lavender, sandalwood, rich suede and an unexpected kick of citrus.


Regular $22
Sale $10.99

Reviews: 4.4 out of 5

“I have tried different colognes for my boyfriend and most of the scents made me sick to my stomach. I found this scent and is smells ssssooo good. Very fresh smelly and masculine smelling!!” Welsh, Texas

“My husband wears this product for all occasions. He was going to save and wear for our more formal events. But, once he tried it he decided it had a everyday aroma. He is very happy with my choice that I select.” Lilsunshine, Colorado

“Not only is the price right, but I love it – as does my husband. It has been many many years since I have purchased mens’ fragrances from Avon. They always seemed too old for my taste. But I took a chance on this one and am glad I did.” South Carolina

Buy Black Suede Sport


Discover rugged sophistication with the newest addition to the Avon Black Suede line: Black Suede Sport. An energetic mix of watery citrus, sexy sage, and captivating vetiver that embodies the essence of rugged masculinity with an air of sophistication.

Top Notes: Basil, Citrus Watery Accord, Blue Mint
Middle Notes: Truffle Extract Accord, Geranium, Sage Leaves
Bottom Notes: Vetiver, Cedar, Labdanum


Regular $22
Sale $10.99

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5

“I have bought Black Suede as gifts for many of my male friends for different occasions… this one for my husband for fathers day! He likes it as it is not over powering and he can wear it casually for work or for a nice occasion as well. Good value and the fragrance lasts.. Tried and true product!” Pamela, Nevada

“The scent last all day and my Husband works in a job where he gets dirty and he sweats and sweats and when he comes home I don’t smell the dirt on him i smell the cologne.” Karen, South Carolina

“This was a great buy. I bought it as a b-day present for my husband, and when he actually sprayed it on him I could smell from another room, Smelled Amazing! I really like it. It holds up compared to name brand cologne, even after being out all day you can still smell it. Definitely would buy another.” Sabrina, Texas

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