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Avon is today synonymous with feminine power. What started off as a small venture more than 130 years ago is presently a global phenomenon that refuses to die down even in the face of the most adverse marketing conditions where corporate conglomerates splurge dollars in an attempt to attract and retain customers.

The Avon Catalog Online has found the temerity to move with the times. While it belonged in the homes of homemakers way back in 1886 when the founder David H. McConnell used the networking skills of women to market his homemade perfumes, today the Avon shop is proliferating all across the globe leveraging the power of the internet.

Women continue to power Avon by representing the company and taking its products to every nook and corner of the world. An Avon shop managed and run by the smart young women of today are not just selling and marketing beauty and home products but are helping to create an entire generation of financially independent and fiery set of women entrepreneurs ready to take on the challenges of the modern world.

This core principle of empowering women the world over ties the Avon Company of yore when it was started by David McConnell then till now. Starting off with only perfumes in 1886, the Avon shop today stocks every kind of beauty products for both men and women. Avon representatives are trained to give you the best advice in terms of what products to buy for your particular needs.

The Avon shop is one of the best places to shop for your beauty and home products for the following reasons:

  • It offers immense convenience allowing you to browse through the entire range of Avon products that are listed with all relevant details before choosing the product of your choice

  • Most Avon e-Stores offer free delivery of products to your doorstep when you shop for a minimum order amount – usually $40.

  • The Avon shop representative would have used the product herself and hence she would be your first product reviewer giving you an honest insight about the product

  • The Avon representative will give you personalized beauty advice and will help you choose the best product that suits you

  • Many new products are offered in the form of pre-launch discount sales through the online Avon shops of Avon representatives. As a purchaser from Avon online, you will have access to these discount schemes as well. You will be able to buy a new product much before it hits the global market.

  • The products are all tried and tested under stringent lab conditions and have cleared all regulatory requirements

  • When you purchase a product from an Avon representative, you are directly participating in the growth and development of women. You are a part of a woman’s dream. You are buying into a 130-year-old business legacy that chose to empower women even before the US government even thought of giving voting rights to its women.

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