How To Shop Avon Without Representative

Shop Avon Without Representative

Are you wondering how to purchase Avon products without an Avon Representative because you can’t find one in your local area?

No problem, Avon has made it easy to purchase online. You have a couple of options.

  1. If you truly want to just buy products directly from Avon without going through a rep at all, you can always call the 800 number (800-FOR-AVON)
  2. If you want to purchase Avon products but simply can’t find a local rep, then you can simply purchase online with me by click here

Top Reasons You Need To Shop With A Rep

  • While you can order product by calling the 800 number, you will only get best prices when shopping with a rep. You will notice that product pages list 2 prices: Retail & Sale. You are only eligible to get the Sale prices when you order through an Avon rep. This policy started in 2020 when LG Household purchased the company.
  • You get free shipping when you make a minimum $60 purchase when you order with me
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Again, ordering from the Avon brochure through a representative saves you money! The most valuable advantage is you can only receive sales pricing and free shipping discounts through a rep.

Shopping with an online rep will also save you time! You don’t have to wait for a rep to deliver your products. They are shipped directly to your door, usually in less time it would take for rep delivery.

Ordering without a representative often can seem difficult because Avon is mostly sold through their network of independent sales reps. However now you can order through the Avon Online Store System, digital catalog AKA e-store and still receive your products without a Representative.

Avon Without RepresentativeThis may be useful for those who can’t order through a regular representative because you just order from Avon online, just like you would with any other online shopping outlet. You place your order, pay and the Avon warehouse handles the delivery process.

The way this works is when you order with a Representative, they will take your order, then order your products from Avon and then then deliver them to you when they arrive. But when you purchase and order through the Online Avon Store, or from an Avon Rep online, Avon delivers the products directly from their warehouse to your door. You can often get around the delivery cost by shopping with a rep offering free shipping with a minimum purchase.

Ordering online is usually faster too as it comes within 2-3 days instead of coming in a week or within a campaign (before delays due to COVID, of course).

While you can certainly order directly from Avon through the online shopping system or even through the Online Store of a representative outside of your local area, either way Avon makes it easy to get your favorite Avon Products delivered!

If you don’t have a local rep, but still want to take advantage of the lower sale prices & free shipping, you can CLICK HERE to shop with me!

Shop Avon Without Representative – Avon Without Representative