Ointment For Eczema

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Creams For Eczema – Eczema Ointment

While Avon is mostly known for their cosmetics and beauty line of products, they also offer very good skin care regimens (most notably their famous Skin So Soft brand). However, their Moisture Therapy Derma brand of products is a little known gem among creams for eczema. It has been shown to reduce the extreme dryness associated with eczema-prone skin!

There are 3 products recommended for this regimen: Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Wash, Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Lotion and the Derma Restoring Body Lotion.

derma-soothe-body-washThe DERMA SOOTHING BODY WASH is scientifically formulated to gently cleanse while soothing dryness associated with eczema-prone skin. Contains vitamin E, aloe and chamomile. Price $7.99

The DERMA SOOTHING BODY LOTION offers powerful moisturizing benefits of an eczema ointment in a light cream enriched with Skin Lipid Complex. Smoothness and clarity are significantly improved after just 5 days of use with this ointment for eczema. Also $7.99

The DERMA RESTORING BODY LOTION smooths rough, dry skin and reduces the appearance of “chicken bumps.” Instantly boosts moisture by 133% and doubles skin’s moisture up to 6 hours, which also makes it useful as one of the creams for eczema. Alternate use with the Soothing Body Lotion. Also only $7.99

One user had this to say about the Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Lotion:

“First of all, I have never written an online review for anything before…but I had to say something about this lotion…IT WORKS!!! I’ve had eczema since I was in the seventh grade (I’m 26 now), and it seems like every year it would progressively get worse.

I’ve been prescribed everything from lotions to creams to pills to changing my diet and even changingderma-soothe-body-lotion the household products I use…every time my skin would get a little better, but the eczema rash would always come back with a vengeance, leaving my skin scarred and scaly.

I usually get it on my hands, feet and inner arms the worst, so bad that I would be embarrassed to shake someone’s hand or let my boyfriend rub my feet for fear that they would feel my “alligator skin” as I called it. I literally thought the only way to “cure” it was to live in a bubble.

I started using Moisture therapy Derma lotion about a month ago,and I waited to give my review just to make sure that it wasn’t going to stop working after awhile. This stuff has almost completely healed my skin, something I thought was never possible.I was just looking for something that would sooth my skin and stop the itch,and this does that AND it HEALS!

After using this along with the body wash, I noticed a HUGE difference in only a few days. Even my family has told me that it looks like my skin never even had eczema already! It also doesn’t leave a greasy residue and its very lightweight.

Anytime I feel an itch coming on, I rub the lotion on and feel immediate relief! This has definitely become a staple in my skin care regimen, and I hope it does for you. I understand that everyone’s skin is different and some products may work better for some than others, but I think anyone who has severe eczema or really sensitive skin should try and will benefit from this product.To Avon, PLEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT! It has changed my life and given me a new level of confidence! THANK YOU!” Click here for more reviews

derma-restoring-body-lotionNOTE ON CREAMS FOR ECZEMA:

Healing many ailments naturally often means treating the condition INTERNALLY as well as externally. There are many triggers for eczema, including allergens, dry skin (for which creams are excellent), irritants in every day products, climate/sweating and even high times of stress. This could indicate that those with the condition suffer from a weakened immune system. (Stress weakens the immune system allowing opportunistic disorders to take hold).

Thus, it is very IMPORTANT to make sure to take supplements, along with an ointment for eczema, that strengthen the immune system including a good multivitamin including a magnesium/calcium/ZINC combination, VITAMIN C and PROBIOTICS. One of the most reasonable places to find quality supplements is Swanson Vitamins.

The most effective eczema treatment regimen includes both internal AND external remedies!

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