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Creams For Eczema – Avon Restore & Soothe Ointment

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Creams For Eczema – Eczema Ointment

While Avon is mostly known for their cosmetics and beauty line of products, they also offer very good skin care regimens (most notably their famous Skin So Soft brand). However, their Moisture Therapy Derma brand of products is a little known gem among creams for eczema. It has been shown to reduce the extreme dryness associated with eczema-prone skin!

There are 3 products recommended for this regimen: Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Wash, Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Lotion and the Derma Restoring Body Lotion.

derma-soothe-body-washThe DERMA SOOTHING BODY WASH is scientifically formulated to gently cleanse while soothing dryness associated with eczema-prone skin. Contains vitamin E, aloe and chamomile. Price $7.99

The DERMA SOOTHING BODY LOTION offers powerful moisturizing benefits of an eczema ointment in a light cream enriched with Skin Lipid Complex. Smoothness and clarity are significantly improved after just 5 days of use with this ointment for eczema. Also $7.99

The DERMA RESTORING BODY LOTION smooths rough, dry skin and reduces the appearance of “chicken bumps.” Instantly boosts moisture by 133% and doubles skin’s moisture up to 6 hours, which also makes it useful as one of the creams for eczema. Alternate use with the Soothing Body Lotion. Also only $7.99

One user had this to say about the Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Lotion:

“We had tried everything from prescriptions, OTC, and home remedies to help my 4 year old Granddaughter. The formulas either smelled, had steroids, or after a time just quit working. My daughter was aggravated at all suggestions people had and didn’t want to hear about it any more. I couldn’t blame her, the doctors were using our little girl as a Guinea Pig.

derma-soothe-body-lotionThen I saw this and thought my Grandma was an Avon representative for a lot of her life. I grew up with the smells of the pink bubble bath and skin so soft bath oil. Avon products were always a special treat as kids and was synonymous with Grandma. So I took my belief and faith on my Grandma’s wisdom and gave this product a try.

MareZee wrote, “I am hooked on Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing Body Lotion! My skin has several challenges. Due to medication, diabetes and eczema I get itchy dry patches and super dry skin. This lotion has given me relief and less noticeable dry patches. I really appreciate the light and creamy texture too.”

Kristi says, “This cream is absolutely amazing! My 2 year old has eczema. He gets very rough bumpy patches on his legs, knees, and backs of his arms and elbows. I have tried every kind of cream and everything has either not worked at all or irritated him worse. I have used this on him for almost a week now. I put it on him in the morning and before bed. It started to work almost immediately. His skin has cleared up and it is the smoothest it’s been since he was an infant. I love the way it feels. It has a slight ointment feel without being to greasy. I can not say enough great things about this product. I pray they never stop making it.” Click here for more reviews

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