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Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Reviews

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Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced
Performance Creme Reviews

Info & Description:

The ultimate in skin performance, this premium night crème indulges your skin with a supreme experience and rewards it with immediate and long-term results on most visible signs of aging – including deep wrinkles, creases, expression lines and skin firmness.

This advanced performance night cream dramatically improves visible signs of aging with Black Pearl Extract, known to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture. Born in the exotic waters of Tahiti, the black pearl is shown to improve skin’s ability to retain moisture. This lightweight night cream, infused with black pearl extract and Avon’s highest level Celluvive anti-aging complex, helps repair the look of all visible signs of aging while immersing skin in radiant moisture for the ultimate transformative experience. Good for all skin types, including oily skin. 1.7 oz. net wt.

Rating: Anew Ultimate Supreme is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by over 90 customers.

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• Non-greasy and non-tacky
• Absorbs quickly
• Suitable for all skin types
• Restores skin’s ability to retain radiant moisture for the ultimate pampering experience
• Infused with rare black pearl and gold mineral extract

• Apply at night on clean dry skin onto face, neck and décolletage. Can be used with any Anew regimen.

Customer Reviews:

Jean from Ohio wrote, “When this product was first introduced, I didn’t realize it was a “night” cream. Don’t remember seeing that in the write up. So, I have been using it in the morning as a moisturizer along with the Power Serum. Both absorb well and does not cause buildup with my foundation and blush. I use the Anew Moisture Mask at night. Maybe I will try at night sometime, but am happy with results as I am using now.”

Jannie from Iowa said, “Use this daily. Definitely notice a difference in fine lines and wrinkles. Seem to have a natural glow to my face again. love it. I wear makeup daily and at 70 years old, my skin is great. Have used Avon products most of my life.”

Val from Michigan shares, “After a couple weeks of use my skin is more supple, wrinkles around my eyes less noticeable.”

> Get Your Anew Ultimate Supreme Here – Free Shipping on $40 Orders

More Customer Reviews:

Laura from Iowa says, “This cream leaves a funny residue on my skin and even my fingertips when I use it. I used it a couple times at night but it doesn’t feel moisturizing enough because of the residue it leaves. I use it after a mask/before a shower now, just to get something on my skin for that quick in between time.”

Flower Martini from North Carolina shares, “I  used this for a few days. It goes on smooth, non greasy. It made my face feel soft and moisturized. My only problem with this face cream is the scent. I am very sensitive to strong smells, perfumes etc. If you don’t mind the heavy fragrance in this face cream than it’s a great buy. Especially when on sale.”

Karma from Minnesota writes, “I thought I’d give this a try since it was “on sale”, and I think shipping was free. I’ve used many Avon products in the past and I’ve enjoyed them all, but it’s nice to try something new. I was so pleased the first time i tried this creme. It is so silky and has a very light, delicate scent that is amazing. It goes on smoothly and makes my face feel wonderful. I’d recommend it. (I am in my mid-sixties, but I think any age would love this product.)”

Avon Skin Care Guide – Which Anew Is Right For You?

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Avon Anew Skin Care Guide:
Choosing The Right Regimen

avon anew skin care guide

Our skincare is known all over the world and it works with real results. Avon’s founder, Mr. David McConnell, turned a passion for community and a proclivity for fragrance into the industry-leading beauty brand we’ve come to love. Over 100 years later, Avon is still a pioneer in makeup, skin car and perfume dye to a team of over 200 leading scientists who work to create some of the world’s most advanced and exciting products, one of which most notably is the Avon Anew Brand of anti-aging creams and products.

Anew Vitale

The above easy-to-use guide has been provided to help you choose which Anew is best for you! For example, using the simple check list, you’ll see that if you’re 25 and over with firm & resilient skin that is slightly uneven in place with some fine lines and puffiness, then you should choose the Anew Vitale line.

Anew Reversalist

If you are 40+, the Reversalist line may be for you if you have expression lines, beginning to lose firmness with dark circles, lines and wrinkles.

Anew Ultimate

For those who are 50 plus, we offer Anew Ultimate. This line features ingredients to help with wrinkles, deep expression lines, age spots as well as deep wrinkles and eye bags.

Anew Platinum

Last, but not least, for those 60 and over, we have Anew Platinum. If you have deep wrinkles and creases, sagging and loss of contour, dull skin with age spots that is excessively dry and thin with creases around the eyes, this is the line for you.

Don’t forget the newest addition to the Anew brand, Anew Ultimate Supreme. The ultimate in skin performance, this is Avon’s luxury night crème. It indulges your skin with a supreme experience and rewards it with immediate and long-term results on most visible signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, creases, expression lines and skin firmness.

How To Buy Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum Online

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Order Avon Anew
Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Click Here To Order

Vitamin C Brightening Serum is a patented formula that contains a high concentration of 10% pure Vitamin C, which protects skin from sun, pollution and other aggressors. 1 fl. oz.

• Skin looks smoother and clearer and even toned
• Enhances skin clarity
• Fights overall photo damage
• Improves skin tone and resiliency
• Visibly improves skin’s imperfections
• Contains Vitamin C and E
• Oil-free
• Dermatologist tested
• Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic
• In 2 weeks, skin looks brighter, smoother, clearer and more even toned*

*Based on a consumer-perception study

Made in USA

The Reviews Are In:
Anew Vitamin C Serum is One of
Avon’s Favorite Products

Mrslem from PA shares, “Tried it to remove some visible signs of aging. After about 4 weeks I noticed significant improvement. SO, I re-ordered it! Don’t let the price scare you. You only need a tiny drop twice a day after cleansing.”

Ree from LA wrote, “Love this product. Noticed improvement quick. Have used only 1/3 of the bottle so far. Use it twice a day and have renewed skin on my face as in smoothness, sun spots disappearing,feeling hydrated.”

Sarah from Chicago writes, “Great products. It’s been effective in evening out my skin tone. Was turned off slightly at first by alcohol smell but it doesn’t clog my pores like other brands of vitamin c serum.”

MediaMogul from DC says, “Phenomenal product!!!! Absolute perfection!!! Does EVERYTHING it claims:
Skin looks smoother and clearer and even toned
• Enhances skin clarity
• Fights overall photodamage
• Improves skin tone and resiliency
• Visibly improves skin’s imperfections”

avon anew vitamin c serum

How To Buy Avon Anew Clinical Retexturing Peel

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Order Avon Anew Clinical
Retexturizing Peel

anew clinical retexturizing peel by avonClick Here To Order

Have you ever wanted the spa treatment with the ease of staying at home? The Anew Clinical Retexturzing Peel has shown superior results to a professional 35% glycolic peel and can be added as a part of your weekly skin care routine. The advanced exfoliators smooth and resurface tough skin and remove unwanted dead cells. This formula with soothing botanicals cleanses and moisturizes skin for a more youthful appearance and a healthy glow. Peels away dullness and visible damage for healthier looking skin. 30 unscented pads help clean and heal skin while reducing acne.

• Cleans skin and heals blemishes
• Smooths and brightens skin for younger appearance
• Exfoliates and resurfaces skin without drying it out, and makes skin feel firmer
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested
• Non-comedogenic

The Reviews Are In:
Anew Clinical Retexturing Peel is One of
Avon’s Favorite Products

Unfettered Explorer from Indiana says, ” like using this produce 1-2 times per week. These pads have a nice little tingling sensation but it doesn’t last long or cause me irritation. I have sensitive skin and rosacea. Over time, I feel that my skin has become brighter with a healthy glow. My complexion is more even as well. It is nice to see less redness for once! I have always struggled to find products that work well with my red face/rosacea.”

Leahinflorida from FL shares, “I love this product. It works great for my combination skin. I have the oily T-zone but the corners of my nose gets crusty even with my noise being oily. It fixes it at once! Does not dry out my skin. I also use it on the top of my hands and throat. I have tried so many of these and this one works for me. I won’t buy anything else.”

Burkys from VA said, “I use this product every 2 or 3 nights before bed. It says to use every other day but I have used it back-to-back nights before with no irritation. I am also a daily user of the Proactive 3 step regimen & I simply use this before step 3 of Proactive with phenomenal results. After it dries, I also use my nightly serums, then face & eye moisturizers. It helps everything else just work better!
I can’t wait to try the Extra Strength version, I’m ordering it now!”

avon free shipping

Avon Skin Care & Anti-Aging: Info, Products & Reviews

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Avon Skin Care & Anti-Aging:
Info, Products & Reviews

Avon Night Time Skin Care Routine
Using Anew Ultimate Supreme:

There are 3 important steps in this evening skin care routine:

  1.  Cleansing
  2. Treating
  3. Moisturizing

Cleansing: The first thing to do is remove the stubborn make-up you had on your face during theavon-anew-clean-cleansing-brush day. A nice thing to use are Anew Facial Cleansing Wipes. Second step would be to use a gentle cleanser. A couple days a week use the Anew Clean cleansing brush.

Treating: One of the things you want to do is use a powerful antioxidant, like Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum. This helps combat the sun and other pollutants you encounter during the day. In addition, Anew Clinical Line Eraser has a very important anti-aging ingredient: Retinol. Retinol fights overall lines and wrinkles.

Moisturizing: This final step is the most important. One of our favorite new products for moisturizing is Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme and it goes on very smooth at night. It is scientifically developed to dramatically improve the look of fine lines, deep wrinkles and skin radiance. In fact, 97% of women saw improvement in fine lines.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed by your evening skin care regimen. Just remember the 3 steps: Cleanse, Treat and Moisturize. You can get all the products discussed, as well as read reviews, by clicking the links above.


Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask:

anew-clinical-hydration-maskDid you know that when your skin is dehydrated it can make you appear older? Introducing Avon Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask, a hydration breakthrough from the experts at Avon Skincare Institute.

This unique, lightweight gel formula with hyaluronic acid and moisturizing shea butter beads, delivers intense hydration to skin during its most vital time – while you sleep. It instantly boosts skin moisture levels by 3x and is clinically shown to deliver 48 hours of hydration OVERNIGHT.

Now you can wake up to the skin of your dreams – deeply hydrated and visibly radiant. Click the link above to get more details and read reviews.


 Avon Moisture Therapy Collection:
Achieve Clear, Healthy Skin

It took 30 years of scientific excellence and dermatologist testing to find a solution to dry difficultavon-moisture-therapy-collection skin. Avon Moisture Therapy Collection: So what’s your dryness?

Is eczema-prone skin giving your a rough time? Then try Moisture Therapy Derma Soothing. The mild fragrance-free body wash gently cleanses while the fragrance-free lotion smooths roughness, reduces dryness, relieves itchiness, brightens dullness and reduces flakiness. So your eczema-prone skin can feel better.

Are you always trying to cover up your rough, bumpy, “chicken” skin? Then Derma Restoring can help. The Restoring body lotion and scrub have an effective concentration of alpha hydroxy acids to help smooth and resurface skin. Instead of chicken skin, or keratosis pilaris, you’ll be on your way to a healthy, flawless finish.

Does your normal skin act dry sometimes? Give it the hydration it needs with Moisture Therapy Daily Skin Defense. Antioxidant and loaded with vitamins (C, E, A & B5), it moisturizes and protects derma-sootheskin all day long and things can go back to normal. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

Is itchy, dry skin driving you crazy? Regain your sanity with Moisture Therapy Calming Relief. The oatmeal-infused body lotion and hand cream or anti-itch spray lotion with soothing menthol all calm the itch while nourishing moisturizers hydrate. Skins serenity is restored.

Are you dealing with skin that is just dry, dry, dry? For extra dry skin try Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair. By mimicking skins natural protective barrier, Avon’s exclusive hydraboost technology seals in moisture for hours. Over time, even the most severe dry skin can find nourishing relief.

Dermatologist tested, effective results – Avon Moisture Therapy. To purchase or read reviews, click the clinks above.










Buy Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme – Tahitian Black Pearl Anti-Aging Creme

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Anew Ultimate Supreme – Advanced Performance Creme

Anew Ultimate SupremeTen Years In The Making

What is it?

Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme is our most luxurious, yet lightweight, night creme infused with Black Pearl extract containing our highest level of Celluvive anti-aging complex, dramatically improving visual signs of aging* while immersing skin in radiant moisture for the ultimate transformative experience.

Who is it for?

Anew Ultimate fans and Avon Anew users.

What does it do?

It delivers dramatic results across all signs of aging – even the most advanced signs. It pampers skin with cushiony softness, increased moisture and instant radiance.


Lightweight, luxurious textured night cream that can be incorporated into any skincare regimen
Infused with Tahitian black pearl and the highest level of Avon’s anti-aging technology
Makes skin feel more hydrated/replenished
Dramatically improves the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles

Maintaining your skin’s moisture levels is so important because it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The best anti-aging regimen is both internal and external. Externally, topical moisturizers actively work to maintain skin’s plump smooth appearance in addition to sunscreen and exfoliation. Diet, like drinking plenty of water, further plays a role in hydrating skin to reduce wrinkles.

To help prevent expression lines from deepening into wrinkles, wear moisturizer. When the skin’s moisture levels are maintained, skin appears plump and radiant. This is where Anew Ultimate Supreme comes in. Through the rare Tahitian black pearl extract along with Avon’s Celluvive technology, it increases skin moisture by 360%.

The Tahitian black pearl is considered one of the rarest gems on earth, taking as long as 3 years to form. A truly revolutionary discovery, the Tahitian black pearl is known to improve skin’s ability to retain moisture.

pearl2Delivers 12x more moisture than
Lancome Absolue L’Extrait Regenerating Ultimate Elixir,
a $365 luxury anti-aging creme.*

As for diet, keep your skin moisturized from within with a diet high in vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and water. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, strawberries and oranges are loaded with skin hydrating vitamins and minerals.

For example, supermodels and actresses swear by drinking gallons of H2O to achieve their red carpet glow and plump up their skin. On woman said she drank 100 ounces of water for 28 days straight and it made her look 10 years younger.

While guzzling water is not proven to be the fountain of youth, dermatologists agree it is important to stay hydrated. Otherwise you could have sunken in eyes and your skin will definitely lose some elasticity. However, it is not recommended to drink more water beyond the recommended amount.

Additionally, Dr. Greg Hillebrand, principal scientist for Olay, said: “We can dramatically delay the onset of persistent wrinkles by protecting skin daily with an effective moisturizer and sunscreen.”

In the first long-term study measuring the speed of wrinkle development, experts found that women with well-hydrated faces develop persistent wrinkles more slowly than those with dry skin.

Illustrating the importance of skin hydration and moisturizing, an 8-year study funded by Olay was published in the June issue of the British Journal of Dermatology. It found that for a typical 28-year-old woman with dry skin, the amount of visible wrinkles will have increased by 52% by the time she is 36.

However, her wrinkles would increase by only 22% by the same age if she had well-hydrated skin (a 30% reduction in wrinkles).

It would seem that nothing keeps wrinkles at bay better than good old fashion moisturizer. So, the key is hydration – inside and out. Avon understands this and that’s why they invested the last 10 years in creating Anew Ultimate Supreme.

*Based on clinical study












Avon Anew Reviews – Platinum, Reversalist, Ultimate, Clinical

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Avon Anew Reviews

Here is a snapshot of what real customers
have to say about the Avon Anew line of products:

Avon Anew Platinum

Avon Anew Reviews:
Anew Platinum Day Cream

Christiana from IL: “This is a really good moisturizer for me every morning. My makeup goes on over it so smoothly. It doesn’t settle in my lines to leave my makeup visible. The smell isn’t bad but it’s not great either.”

Bigi from WA: “I have very sensitive skin and due to chemotherapy it is very dry. Platinum ( night and day creams) have made my skin appear younger, more moist and quite radiant. It is nice to have something that actually WORKS against the ravages of chemotherapy on my skin. Good SPF for protection and NO breaking out in response to the creams! Good job, Avon!”

KKSJ from MA: “I’ve used Avon Anew for years………from the over 30 cream to the over 50. I have been using the over 50 for several years seeing I’m 67!!! So I figured I’d try the Platinum over 60…….I was disappointed in the
texture, it is on the thick side and doesn’t seem to make my skin feel soft and supple like the Ultimate. I will go back
to the Ultimate. My sister who lives in FL. also loves the Ultimate too. We can feel the moisturizer in it. I don’t with
the Platinum.”

See Me from MO: “I tried this recently in place of my usual, lighter-weight Anew. It was heavier than expected BUT I have oily/combination skin, even in my fifties, and simply prefer a lighter weight cream. Many woman will welcome the greater thickness of Platinum. It still absorbed well. It does have a pronounced cucumber scent which is pleasant although I prefer less scent.”

Click here for more reviews

Avon Anew Reviews:
Anew Platinum Night Cream

Rachel82 from CA: “When my favorite skin care line containing glycolic acid was discontinued by its manufacturer I was on the hunt for something just as good. What I found was something better. Within 1 week of using this cream my complexion was more clear, my skin was more soft and radiant and more importantly… wrinkles were beginning to disappear. I’m 32, so wrinkles aren’t a huge problem for me yet but they’re beginning to be. One particular wrinkle between my brows has bothered me for years. While there is a very faint line where the wrinkle was, it’s no longer deep and noticeable. This night cream exceeded all of my expectations. I’m sold. Please, Avon, don’t ever discontinue this formula. It’s amazing.”

Janeuna from Derby, UK: “This is simply an amazing product. I noticed a huge improvement in the firmness of my skin within minutes of application. I use it more as a mask than as a night cream. I apply it quite thickly after cleansing and just leave it to soak in. Amazing results that are very noticeable. I also put it on the backs of my hands any time I feel like it, brilliant product.”

BarbaraR from VA: “Pros: this works with consistent use (at least three weeks) with continued improvement over several months, both creams soak in easily and are odorless, a little goes a long way so a jar lasts a while

Cons: the night cream exfoliates a layer of skin – in the beginning I was peeling a layer off (actually rubbing off with a towel) about once every three days and now it happens almost every morning, it doesn’t hurt but of course the skin on my neck is more sensitive so I have to be careful with perfume and other products,I recently used a product to remove hair and it caused a rash on my neck (I recovered quickly), my assumption is I’ll have to apply additional sun screen to protect this area while on vacation, this cream also leaves the skin feeling a little greasy and causes necklaces to stick a little

While the above cons are inconvenient, they’re not bad enough to make me stop using the product because it works well.”

Click here for more reviews

Avon Anew Reviews: Anew Platinum
Eye & Lip Cream

Hopefull from TX: “Will use remainder only on lips. Had to combine with my moisturizer to soften when applying under eye or over.”

Prats from TX: “I have used for about 5 years now. Am 80. Told look at least one generation younger. I have no wrinkles! Only use Avon skincare for my face. Look at my order history for Platinum products!”

VintageVamp from PA: “I got this with the 2 week trial kit of Anew Platinum regime. I have used this regularly, morning and evening and have found that although it is a great moisturizer for both lip and eye area, it doesn’t do much more for the eyes. I love what it does for my lips and around the lips as I am beginning to have those little lines at the lip edge. This cream plumps them up and are gone to the naked eye. I also top it off with Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner. But, for my eyes, I will stick with Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro. It takes care of my bags, a little hood on upper lid and the little bit of crepe-y skin I have. This is only my experience, you may have a different one.”

Click here for more reviews


Reversalist Avon Anew Reviews

Avon Anew Reviews:
Anew Reversalist Day Cream

Debbie from CT: “I have been using this product for a couple of years now and I am very happy with the product. In fact, as I have aged, I have changed the Avon face cream as they tell me. Previously I was using Avon’s “Ultimate”, another great product. I have had people ask me what I use on my face because they like how my appearance is and this is after I have had cancer surgery three years ago.”

Kickpunch2 from PA: “Been using this product for 2 years now. I have sensitive fair skin. I never have issues with irritation. I am 52 and people guess my age to be 38. When you have glowing skin you will look youthful. I am very happy with the Reveralist line of products. They do their job like they should!”

Music4rosie from CA: “I like the way the moisturizer feels on my skin and the way it smells. However, I have really dry patches on certain areas of my face that the moisturizer does not improve.”

Click here for more reviews

Avon Anew Reviews:
Anew Reversalist Night Cream

MrsDoc from FL: “Won’t go to bed without it! Softens and moisturizes my skin perfectly. No irritation from it ever. The sales make it affordable for me to stock up. I am 54 and am often mistaken for early 40’s. I attribute that to healthy lifestyle, good genes and Avon’s Anew Reversalist line!”

Lelu: “First off this is the first face cream I have ever been able to use without my skin breaking out or peeling off or something horrible happening. I get hives so much and it is embarrassing along with severe acne and I can not use any of the prescription strength acne products. I do not know why but this stuff makes my skin stop peeling and reduces my hives and acne outbreaks. It is a miracle in my life. To go an entire week with no hives or acne on my face it is the most amazing thing. I have gone all my life trying everything and this works not sure why but it does. It doesn’t make me itch or turn my skin red , I love this stuff.”

Terry from AL: “Even though this is a night cream, I use it every morning. I have been using the Anew products for many, many years. I think they are better and more cost effective than what I can buy in a store.”

Click here for more reviews


Avon Anew Reviews Clinical

Avon Anew Reviews: Anew Clinical
Line Eraser with Retinol

Teresa from CT: “I have normal to dry skin. As I’ve grown older, my skin appears to be more sensitive. I have used this product daily for a few weeks. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the few wrinkles that I do have.My skin is sensitive. But I haven’t had any problems with this product. It feels like a expensive luxury cream when you apply it.I will definitely keep this product as part of my skin care regimen.”

Serenity from NY: “I am in my sixties and my skin was really in bad condition . This in conjunction with Anew Clinical Line remover made a noticeable difference in the appearance of deep lines on my cheeks. No they have not disappeared completely but they have smoothed out considerably and was noticeable within a week of daily use.”

Tee from CA: “My husband can says he can really see a change the wrinkles on my checks. The appear less deep and some are almost invisible. In only 2 weeks…can’t wait to see what a month will do. Thank you Avon! P.S. Im 70 and had almost given up on creams.”

Click here for more reviews

Avon Anew Reviews: Anew Clinical
Advanced Wrinkle Corrector

SweetPee from NY: “I discovered this product by mistake 5 years ago. It was included as a giveaway as part of a community food drive! The patrons that were given the food boxes were discarding the product (only being interested in the food, tooth paste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. A few boxes of Anew Clinical was returned to the office – unopened so I decided to see what was wrong. Well, after I opened the box I discovered that it smelled heavenly, and after trying on my face for a month or two, I discovered that it brightened my skin and seem to give me a facelift. The tiny crows feet around my eyes and lips were gone. Well after using all the unopened samples I started buying my own and have been a believer ever since. I even have my 80 year old aunt using this stuff. It’s great!!”

AZSungirl from AZ: “Like a lot of you, I’ve tried all kinds of night creams, day creams, and ‘miracle discoveries.’ This one made me sit up and take notice. After two weeks, my face is MUCH softer and smoother, and it seems brighter to me. It’s strong stuff though, and a couple times it really tingled (okay – it stung) when I put on more than a pea-sized amount, and I had to wash it off. Even then it didn’t stop stinging right away. I learned after that to back off a bit and build up my tolerance. This really works, so I’m a big fan of this stuff. If you’re super sensitive, start out small – a little goes a loooooong way.”

Babex78 from TX: “I started using this product about 4 years ago and stopped using it for awhile because I couldnt find/keep a representative so I tried some store brands, about 7 months ago I decided wow I really need to get back to using something better and I found a rep and then found how easy online shopping was so I started using it again and then I thought maybe becase of my age I should try some of the other products (bad move for me) I took pictures of myself in april to see if there really was a difference and oh my goodness WOW I really could not believe the change I will not be trying any more experiments Trust me this is definitely a wonder cream for me and as usually I dont write reviews I felt I would for this because I truly believe in this cream and I have pictures to prove it !!! even my husband and children totally agree”

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Avon Anew Reviews: Anew Clinical
Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream

LindaN from OR: “I have been using this product for about 2 weeks, and I have noticed quite a difference. It’s a good thing I came to this site, because the gal at the Avon store told me to give up on it if I did not get results I needed within 2 weeks. On this site I learned it can take several weeks, so I’m sticking with it. My biggest concern is early sagging around the mouth – haven’t seen a change in that yet – will continue with the product another month and write a second review of my results. One thing I notice in other reviews is the complaint of dryness. You cannot just apply the cream. I was instructed – and it says so here too – to put this cream on over dry skin, let it penetrate, and then always apply a moisturizer over top. This is not a moisturizer cream, so always use a moisturizer afterwards. Skin feels great then!”

Vcwalters from MS: “This is one great product. I have been using it for years. I have always had a little “hang” under my chin, but using this creme tightens it quite a bit. I also use it on my whole face paying special attention to my eyelids. Love this. Wish it were on sale more often!”

Marie123456 from GA: “I’m about to turn 45 and needed something that really made a difference. My main problem is my neck. It’s always looked old (even in my 20’s). I started using this and noticed a difference overnight. I kept using it and after 3 days I could tell a big difference in my neck. I’ve never found anything that worked on my neck so to me, this is huge! I have never had any problems with this product. It’s wonderful! I love the way it feels, smells and moisturizes my skin. The only thing is I wish is that it had SPF in it.”

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Avon Anew Reviews: Anew Clinical
Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

MrsJD from PA: “I had my doubts about this product, but after using it now for a little over 2 weeks, I’m a believer. I don’t suffer from serious skin discolorations, but I had slight facial hyper-pigmentation, where sideburns would be on a man. This area also had what looked like tiny bumps on the skin, that were only visible under foundation. Having used only fruit acid peels in the past; which I liked, I wanted a product I could apply & leave on for treatment. When this went on sale I bought it, & now I ask myself why I did not buy it sooner. The slight hyper-pigmentation has completely disappeared, the bumps are gone & the overall texture of my entire face is extremely smooth & bright. And this is using it only once a day. The first few days I used it I had slight redness & flaking, but that has stopped. My foundation looks 100% better since using this product. I use it on my neck as well, & it’s eliminated the slight bit of *chicken skin look* I had. It does shrink pores, especially in the cheek area. I apply my Avon wrinkle cream over top of this an hour after I apply it & between the 2 my skin has truly improved. I am going to keep buying this, as long as Avon sells it. I hope they don’t discontinue this one!!”

LoriPepper from MO: “I have tried many serum like fluids claiming to be both gentle and effective, and this product is by far the best I have tried. I saw improvement after one use with my problem areas around the chin, mouth, and eyes. It was effective, but yet not irritating as other products where I have had either no results or had a long healing time. This is my solution to needing resurfacing but yet I can go about my daily routine without the redness or irritation.”

Lino from TX: “I am on my 4th bottle, it is great. I am 64 and my skin tends to be a little on the dry side. Directions say to put in palm of hand, which I did, morning and night. After a few days I noticed the lines in the palm of my hand (compared to other palm) were almost gone and extremely smooth. I started showing people and several other people ordered this product and all are very happy with it. I started putting it on the top of my hand, left hand in morning and right hand at night, applying to face and then smoothing the rest onto the top of my hand. Lines on the top of hands are a lot better, and also seems to tighten skin as well. I hope Avon never stops making this product.”

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Anew Avon Reviews Benefits

Avon Anew Reviews:
Multi-Performance Day Cream

MMH from TN: “I saw a huge difference in a woman’s skin at work. I asked what she was using. She said it was new and a trial from Avon. She is a distributor so she gave me a sample packet, and I saw such a difference in two days of using it that I wanted some myself and didn’t want to wait before it was available for her to order it. I found it online, and it arrived very quickly.
I have shingles scars on my forehead and after using Anew Ultimate, the scars are less noticeable as are the multiple forehead wrinkles that have appeared since shingles. The difference was so dramatic that I hoped there was eye cream available because my eyes looked really old compared to my great looking skin! (It is available!) I have worked with major retailers and had access to MANY name brand skin care products, and I’ve never had such immediate results as I’ve seen with this Avon product! My mother got a jar for Mother’s Day. This is AMAZING!”

PATTYSR from NC: “I have combination to oily skin & this product added too much more oil. Would probably work best on dry skin.”

Ladybug from OR: “I use to be an Avon representative until a year ago, so I started using this product when it came out. It works wonders with my skin. All my crows feet are gone, wrinkles around my mouth gone, I highly recommend this to anyone starting to see signs of wrinkles coming on.”

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Avon Anew Reviews:
Multi-Performance Night Cream

Kisuga from PA: “I have been using this product for 3 days and I can already see the difference in my skin. To get full results as stated you have to be consistent with your night and day regiment. I also purchase the day cream. This combo of night and day cream is perfect. To get the results you want be consistent and you will be as happy as I am. Also no one believes my age I get 10-15 years younger Truth!”

Connie Catara from MS: “This is an excellent product! Helps tone skin and does not leave it feeling oily and does not break my skin out like all the rest of the moisturizers I have used. In fact my skin hasn’t looked this clear in a long time, no acne since I started using this product! I love this product and will continue using it! The only problem I have experienced is if you get it in or too close to your eyes it does burn and irritate them quite bad. Just be careful applying or rubbing around your eyes after applying. My eyes are sensitive to products so I am not sure how much of this is the product itself. The only thing I really would like to see is more moisturizing but with the excellent toning and clearing of the skin I am very satisfied!”

Gia from PA: “I have used this product for years. FYI….I use this for daytime moisturizing and at 63 years of age I get many compliments on how great my skin looks. I have no crows feet and my skin is smooth and free of wrinkles. I only use ANEW Ultimate on my face and buy a few jars whenever the product is on sale.”

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Avon Anew Reviews:
Ultimate Supreme

OhioMomma from OH: “I wanted to try it, so I waited until it was on sale. I have to say that my skin felt and looked amazing after using this product. It made my skin so smooth and it felt plumper. After using it for a couple weeks, I noticed that my aging areas were diminishing. Of course I use other Avon products in conjunction with this one, but I feel that this product really made a big difference and felt like such a treat to put on. Yes, it’s kind of expensive, but get it when it’s on sale. Awesome product, Avon.”

Julie from TX: “I have used the Avon Anew Ultimate Day Cream for over 20 years and have LOVED it. For those who complain that is too oily for their skin or doesn’t absorb fast enough, Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème is for you. It absorbs very quickly and leaves a smooth texture to your skin. I have always loved the dewy skin the Anew Ultimate Day Cream leaves me with because I have very dry skin and live in an arid environment. When I first started using it, a large brown spot on my face completely faded away. I was sold on it then and continued using it ever since. Still, I am going to try a second jar of this Performance Cream and see if the texture of my skin continues to improve. If so, this will be my new skin cream, although it is a little pricey.”

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Avon Vitamin C Brightening Serum

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Avon Vitamin C Serum

Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Vitamin C Brightening Serum is a patented formula that contains a high concentration of 10% pure Vitamin C, which protects skin from sun, pollution and other aggressors. 1 fl. oz. $30.00

• In 2 weeks, skin looks brighter, smoother, clearer and more even-toned
• Enhances skin clarity
• Fights overall photodamage
• Improves skin tone and resiliency
• Visibly improves skin’s imperfections
• Contains vitamins C and E
• Oil-free
• Dermatologist tested
• Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic

Current rating 4.4 out of 5 Stars


Debbie from Delaware shares, “Love this product! My skin is brighter and smoother! Tip…less is more with this product, if you use too much your face will feel sticky. You literally only need like a dime size. If you want a product that will slow down wrinkles, vitamin c & vitamin e (in liquid form) is what you want and this product has both!”

Barbara from Illinois wrote, “I use this product on my face, neck and chest. When you are in your middle 50’s and are outdoors a lot in the warm weather your skin gets tan and dried out from the sun. This is the perfect product for repairing your dry skin on your neck and chest bringing back that youthful appearance.”

Penny from Texas says, “Goes on smoothly and my skin feels softer and smoother after only two weeks.”

Potential Benefits of Avon Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C has become one of the most widely used skin care ingredients. Potentially, vitamin C can benefit skin in a couple of important ways. Firstly, vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein of the skin. Adding vitamin C to a culture of skin cells dramatically increases the synthesis of collagen. Secondly, vitamin C is an antioxidant and can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals (i.e. sun damage). So, when vitamin C is properly delivered into skin cells, there is a good chance to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

It has been discussed in many articles and beauty blogs that ascorbic acid, the principle natural form of vitamin C, is relatively unstable if not in dry form. In the presence of air or other oxidizing agents, it undergoes oxidation. According to research, however, it can only be said the oxidation of a moderate fraction of ascorbic acid in a skin care formula is unlikely to make the formula ineffective – in case you’re wondering.

Even when using an optimal formulation, not everyone will respond to vitamin C treatments. About 50% of people show noticeable benefits. The chances are improved when a treatment, like Avon vitamin C serum, is a part of a comprehensive regimen to rebuild collagen in your skin.

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Avon Anew Ultimate – Info & Reviews

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Avon Anew Ultimate:
Products & Reviews

Anew UltimateClick here for more information,
reviews or to Buy Avon Anew Ultimate

Avon Anew Ultimate is the Multi-Performance formula in the popular Avon Anew line of anti-aging products. Below is information about each product, including benefits, reviews and prices.

pink-lineAnew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25:

ultimate-day-creamMost people think that you can’t stop time, but they haven’t tried our #1 selling anti-aging skin care routine. Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream has the age-defying, moisturizing properties that you’d expect but now with celluvive complex added to the formula. Featuring extract from the Yanang Leaf, this patent-pending formula repairs skin while visibly healing the signs of aging. Use this multi-performance day cream and immediately feel your skin get hydrated and see its newfound radiance. After two weeks, remove fine lines while lessening deep wrinkles, restores skin’s natural volume, and make it more resilient to damage. In 4 weeks, you’ll notice a more even skin tone, with lessened discoloration. On top of that, your skin will be firmed and lifted for a truly youthful look. The Anew Ultimate Day Cream features the added bonus of broad spectrum SPF25 protection.

• Restores youthful appearance to your skin by lifting, firming and reducing wrinkles
• Yanang leaf repairs skin while moisturizing
• Broad Spectrum SPF 25 protects from the sun and adds radiance
• Hypoallergenic
• Clinically & dermatologically tested

Ladybug from Oregon writes, “I use to be an Avon representative until a year ago, so I started using this product when it came out. It works wonders with my skin. All my crows feet are gone, wrinkles around my mouth gone, I highly recommend this to anyone starting to see signs of wrinkles coming on.”

$38.00  More info/Purchase

pink-lineAvon Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Dual Eye System:

Awaken your eyes to youthful beauty again with Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Eye System. This anti-aging skin ultimate-eyesystemcare formula combats 10 visible signs of aging to give you a youthful appearance. Celluvive Technology revitalizes skin cells to reduce fine wrinkles, heal discoloration and hydrate skin for a smoother texture. By starting this #1 selling anti-aging regimen you’ll instantly feel your skin be moisturized and notice a new radiance. After 2 weeks you can notice a lessening of fine lines, deep wrinkles, and crow’s feet. This eye cream restores natural skin volume and improves skin resilience and protective qualities. The dual eye system includes 0.5 oz. of cream and 0.5 oz of elixir.

• Hydrates and moisturizes skin around face
• Remove fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet
• Evens skin tone by eliminating discoloration
• Fragrance-free
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist tested

Susan from NC shares, “I don’t know the “technology”, but all I can say is, after years and years of buying magic eye creams – this is finally it! It doesn’t irritate my eyes like most of the others and yet works! I’m 48 and fair with all of my wrinkling in my eye area to include crepey skin, fine lines, deep lines and crow’s feet – yay. So, immediately after applying, I noticed it seemed to rejuvenate the skin around my eyes, and each day brought a younger and younger look to my face because it diminished the lines, sagging, puffiness and dark circles! Wow! I use it as directed – twice daily, once in the AM after my shower and then in the PM before bed.”

$36.00  More info/Purchase

pink-lineAnew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream:

ultimate-night-creamAnew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream works wonders for your skin while you sleep! Our great formula with celluvive complex is made to hydrate your skin and return its natural radiance immediately. Two weeks of daily application had shown a minimizing of fines lines and deep wrinkles and restoration of natural volume. Skin also feels and looks smoother and more resilient. After 4 weeks, restores youthful glow with visibly improved discoloration. This skin care regimen also firms and lifts sagging skin around the eyes, mouth, and jaw.

• Restore radiant and youthful appearance
• Lift and firm skin on face, jaw and neck
• Helps improve the look of skin’s texture, clarity, skin tone, fine wrinkles and crow’s feet fine wrinkles
• Non-sticky and non-greasy
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested

Shannon from CA says, “I look forward to washing my make-up off so that I can apply this cream. It smells great…feels silky and expensive and makes my skin look beautiful in the morning. My skin clarity has improved and I feel like I look younger then I did 10 years ago. I use the day cream as well. Bravo Avon! I love Anew!”

$38.00 More info/Purchase

avon anew ultimate

Avon Anew Platinum – Info & Reviews

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Avon Platinum:
Products & Reviews

Avon PlatinumClick here for more information,
reviews or to Buy Avon Anew Platinum

Avon Platinum is one of many effective formulas in the popular Avon Anew line of anti-aging products. Below is information about each product, including benefits, reviews and prices.

pink-lineAvon Platinum Day Cream SPF 25:

Resculpt your features with Anew Platinum Day Cream. Regain the elegance of a smooth neck and lifted jawline.platinum-daycream Begin reducing deep horizontal neck lines after one day with this formula designed to lift, firm and support your skin. After 4 weeks notice visible reduction in neck lines and reshape jaw, eye, and lip appearance. This anti-aging skin care cream utilizes Paxillium Technology and Rediescent Microspheres to counteract dullness of skin and restore youthful color and radiance. This protective formula includes SPF25 to prevent further damage from the sun.

• Smooths and firms deep wrinkles for elegant jaw, neck and lip lines
• Day cream with SPF25 protects from the sun while restoring radiance
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested
• Suitable for sensitive skin

A user from Texas wrote, “I use this product daily & won’t leave home without applying it! I know it works because people have told me I look younger! It has helped me keep away lines, wrinkles & sun damage!

$38.00 More info/Purchase

pink-lineAnew Platinum Night Cream:

platinum-nightcreamReclaim your elegant contours with Anew Platinum Night Cream. Avon’s patented Paxillium Technology boosts skin’s natural Paxillium to give life to skin cells. All of this results in fuller, smoother, brighter, firmer, skin and contours. Drape skin in a veil of plush softness while moisturizing skin on your neck and jawline. Some show results over night but most after 2 weeks notice a more defined and sculpted neck and jawline, with the bonus of dramatically reduced wrinkles. After 4 weeks of applying this anti-aging face cream every night, cheeks look lifted and reshaped and there is a visible reduction in sagging skin. Add Anew Platinum Night Cream to your anti-aging skin care routine and you’ll never look back!

• Visibly reduce wrinkles and skin discoloration
• Firm, lift, and smooth facial skin
• Get younger looking skin and a youthful jaw and neck line with contour sculpting Paxillium Technology
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested

Kaycee from CA says, “I have been using Avon products for over 25 years. I was using Anew Gold; when I turned 60 I started using Platinum Day and Night Cream. I love Avon products and have never been disappointed.

$38.00 More info/Purchase

avon anew platinum