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Little Black Dress Parfum

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Every woman has to have a little black dress in her wardrobe… now have the perfume to go with it. Avon Little Black Dress Perfume (aka Little Black Dress Parfum) is an oriental floral fragrance for the elegant woman. As the name suggests, the muse for this fragrance is the iconic “little black dress,” or LBD, a universal symbol of sophistication that never goes out of style.

Notes of Italian lemon oil, jasmine essence and sandalwood essence make Avon Little Black Dress Perfume a timeless yet very elegant and sophisticated. Fragrance Top Notes consist of Apricot, Ginger, Jasmine, Honey Suckle and Cyclamen. Middle Notes are Peony, Ylang – Ylang and Gardenia while Base Notes include Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Plum as well as Musk.

We’ve all heard it before, “make the first impression count.” The notes of a perfume, on the other hand, are what are known as the impressions of the fragrance.  It is the scent that lingers in the air as the perfume evaporates from the skin.  Every scent has 3 notes: Called the top, the heart (middle) and the base or bottom.

  1. Top note – the first impression created by the fragrance.  It is designed to attract people to the scent the instant they smell it but this note quickly dissipates.
  2. Heart or Middle note – called the body of the perfume. This is essentially the essence of the perfume.  It lets the one smelling the fragrance know what it is supposed to be about.
  3. Base or Bottom note – this is the aroma that lingers after the top and middle notes evaporate.  It can be considered the main message of the perfume.

In addition, there are 4 common bases used in formulating perfumes.  They are:
* Citrus – created from fruits rich in citric acid, like oranges.
* Earth – formulated from minerals or from non-flowering plants such as vanilla and sandalwood (which is a bottom note in Avon Little Black Dress Perfume).
* Musk – used to be made from the sacs of animals like Asian musk deer but are now created synthetically.
* Floral – are made from the essence of flowers and is the most common theme (Avon Little Black Dress Perfume is considered a floral).

Perfumes have their own personality (including Little Black Dress Perfume).  Choosing a fragrance with a personality that matches the mood that you want to project will help to reinforce the impression that you want to create.

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Finally, always apply fragrances directly to the skin or hair, as some fragrances (especially parfums and eau de parfums which have a higher concentration of oils) may cause discoloration on certain fabrics. Never spray fragrances directly on silk as it will stain it!

To test your clothing, try a small spray of Avon Little Black Dress Perfume on a hidden area, such as the inner lining, before spraying it all over. Especially if you are wearing dry clean only or particularly delicate fabrics.

It is recommended to change your fragrance with the changing of the season. For example, try lighter scents during the summer and use the stronger scents for the drier, cool weather. Warm, hot weather intensifies the scent, so there is no need to overdo a heavy scent during the summer. If you are going to be outside, be aware that bees, wasps, hornets and other flying bugs are attracted to flowery scents (which is another good reason to stick to light, clean fragrances!)

While we’re on the topic of heat, if you wish to keep that favorite scent as fresh as the day you purchased it, store the bottle in a cool, dark place. Avon Little Black Dress Perfume should be kept in it’s original box, if possible. You may even want to keep it in the refrigerator, so you can easily have a refreshingly cool spritz of your perfume before going out for the day!


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