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Avon Lip Dew Kiss Discontinued – Alternative/Replacement

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Avon Dew Kiss Lip Balm – Discontinued

Many Avon customers are wondering does Avon still sell Dew Kiss? Currently, the answer is no. It has been discontinued. However, you can click here to be notified if they ever begin selling it again.

In the meantime, as an Avon rep myself, I’ve had to find a suitable replacement. Fortunately, there is a pretty highly-rated alternative: Beyond Color Lip Conditioner. Many customers are buying multiples of these at a time.

While it may look like a lipstick, its purpose is to smooth and soften dry lips. It immediately conditions and moisturizes dull lips with a smooth, colorless finish. It is great to use under any drying lipsticks you may have. It also contains SPF 15.

It adds volume to lips as well due to its dual-plumping formula containing retinol and collagen.  It takes about 2 weeks, but it will reduce lip dryness by 90%.

You can check out the reviews for yourself but many customers are happy with this until if, and when, Dew Kiss is available again.

For example, RMV from IL comments:

“I use this every night before bed. I can’t say enough how much I love this lip conditioner. It is probably my favorite Avon product. I have tried many other lip conditioners and nothing comes close. There is no weird scent or taste, no sticky or tacky feel, and it doesn’t feel greasy. It just feels nice! My husband loves how soft and conditioned my lips always are and sometimes he uses it too, but he says he feels weird using a “lipstick style applicator”, so he uses it when no one is looking! I stock up every time it goes on sale. I always have 3 or 4 in back up because I don’t ever want to run out.”