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Avon Free Shipping

avon free shipping couponavon free shippingAvon free shipping offer good on orders that meet a specified minimum amount. Offers range from free shipping on any Avon order up to those that meet a $40 minimum. Return shipping is free (reimbursed) by Avon only if your order is incorrect or Avon made a mistake on your order. Otherwise, return shipping is paid by the customer. An Avon free delivery code or and coupon applies free shipping to an entire order as opposed to specific products within the order. Check Sales and Specials (i.e. Holiday specials) for additional opportunities to save when you buy Avon products online.

These offers include items from the Avon online shop as well as current Campaign catalogs. One of the best ways to buy Avon is through their online catalog, where you can find the latest and most recent “steals & deals”, new items and limited time sale offers.

Additional Shipping Information

The following applies to direct ship orders (orders shipped directly to you):

• All items in your order must be sent to a single “ship to” address.
• In-Stock items ship within 24 – 48 hours after the order is received. We will send a shipping confirmation to the email address on file when the order ships. Your credit card will be billed ONLY for the items shipped.
• You may request Standard Ground, Expedited 2-3 Business Day Delivery or Expedited Next Business Day Delivery. Standard ground shipping is a flat rate of $5.95. Expedited 2-3 day shipping runs $15.90 and Overnight Next Day Shipping rate is typically $20.90.
• Orders placed with an expedited shipping method by 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), will be shipped out the same business day. Expedited orders placed after 12:30 PM EST and on weekends and holidays will be shipped the following business day.
• A valid United States address is required for all deliveries.

*Expedited shipping is not available on orders containing products with ingredients that are designated as hazardous under the Federal Transportation Law and can be shipped with Standard Ground delivery only. This includes items such as nail enamels, and some bath & body products. A physical street address is required for expedited shipping.

Avon Free Delivery Code: General Info

Free shipping is used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs to help attract new customers. Consumers benefit from the savings, just as if they were making their purchases from a store (no shipping cost), plus they save on the cost of gas.

Shipping things is often a necessary evil for most internet retailers. As much as people like buying things cheaper online, they don’t like waiting to get them, especially if shipping costs significantly increase the final cost. It now is possible for small establishments to offer free of charge shipping, next-day shipping, reduced rate shipping and so on.

However, these features have been around for awhile, so businesses shouldn’t consider them as a perk for their customers. Rather, the research has shown that, whenever possible, free shipping is often a necessity for retail sites. It’s a good tool for promoting a website, improving customer service and encouraging consumer spending.

Consumers have begun to expect free shipping to be available at quite a few retail sites. Either as a bonus for getting a certain number of items, or as a regular service from the site. It’s not really that people anticipate it, but they make an effort to seek free shipping whenever they search for sites to shop. According to recent data by Accent, 88% of consumers would be more likely to shop at a website online if they were promised free shipping.

The appeal of Avon free shipping is easy to understand. In many circumstances, shipping costs can greatly increase the final price of an item bought online. If something costs $25 plus the shipping cost of $5, the shipping cost has raised the retail price by 25%. Price savvy consumers on the internet are searching for solutions to save money and, as the various surveys show, people use coupons or an Avon free delivery code, since its the easiest and quickest way to help cut their final price.

This new research echos plenty of older research that showed the shift of customers towards sites that contain free shipping. As an example, data awhile ago observed that 96% of online consumers are more likely to shop on a website if it gives free shipping. The same research also noted that 87% of online buyers are more likely to shop on a website if it gives free returns as well.

Besides its effect on site selection, free shipping has often become a deciding factor in just how much someone spends and if they make the purchase. A 2013 study done by Compete observed that 3 out of 5, or 62 percent, of consumers would not have made their most recent online purchase if they had not received free shipping.

Earlier in 2010, a study premiered which found that 83% of online buyers were willing to wait an additional 2 days with regard to delivery if shipping is free. In the same way, 58% of online shoppers have added items to their shopping carts to get Avon free shipping. These studies show that offering free shipping may result in greater sales revenue, since people are willing to buy more to get free shipping.

Whether your main focus is price or convenience, offering Avon free shipping basically boils down to providing good customer service. Research suggests that 74% of US consumers would mention free delivery as a top factor that would improve their online shopping experience.

It’s wise when you think about the issue from the point of view of the customer. Why pay $10 for shipping when you could spend that $10 to obtain an item you desire and get both shipped without cost. Similarly, if one store offers 10% off on a new $40 item, though the shipping is $8, and another retail store is selling an item at full price, but offers free of charge shipping, it’s better for the consumer to go to the store where they pay full price for the product but save more as a result of free shipping.

Strangely enough, there is a slight age variation as to whether consumers like free shipping as opposed to traditional percentage savings. According to eMarketer research, respondents between the ages of 18 and 45 in particular preferred percentage discounts to free shipping when buying digital items. Older internet end users preferred free shipping above discounts.

Online Sales
Internet vendors can pass on these free shipping savings to their customers because they save money by storing goods remotely at a warehouse location and shipping goods directly to a consumer, significantly reducing transportation costs on both the part of the vendor (shipping goods to stores) any the consumer (traveling to stores). Additionally, since almost everyone has access to the Internet, this means that a relatively small amount of warehouses can compete within a market without having to deal with huge amounts of real estate.

Free Shipping Day
“Free Shipping Day” has run since 2008, when it was created. It works like this: One day in the holiday season will be chosen (usually in December), where companies, ranging from retail stores, auto parts suppliers to online retailers, participate by offering free shipping on purchases. These merchants can be found on the official Free Shipping Day website. There were 1,750 participating merchants in 2010. It is estimated that shoppers spent more than $942 million on Free Shipping Day in 2010, which was a 61% increase over 2009.

About 72% of shoppers are looking to take advantage of Avon free shipping deals, especially during the holiday season. To fully benefit from free shipping all year round and during the holidays, you have to make sure you are doing a few things so you don’t miss out on saving some money.

 1.    If you have things shipped throughout the year (and not just around Christmas time), you may want to consider signing up for a free shipping service.

2.    You can also save a decent amount if you ship to the store. Many large retailers offer this option.

3.    Take advantage of Free Shipping Day. This year’s annual free shipping day has already passed, but next year, you can take full advantage of the day. On that day, hundreds of retailers will be offering free shipping with no minimum order and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve on their websites.

4.    Always check for special deals. Stay up-to-date by signing up for the Avon Beauty Updates newsletter and checking our coupon page, as well as Avon e-store for shipping deals and, surprise, surprise, throughout the holiday season, there are tons of deals. Sometimes you can catch an Avon free shipping offer with no minimum order and at other time, the minimum order will be lowered to meet the requirement for free shipping.

5.    You can always try contacting customer service as well. During the holiday season, they want to keep your business. So, many places will offer you free shipping if you call and try to talk them into allowing free shipping for your order.

Avon free delivery codes during the holiday season is definitely something you should take advantage of if you’re an online shopper. However, Christmas is not the only time that Avon has free shipping offers. So keep an eye out throughout the year for shipping deals.

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